Food choices at early age can increase risk for heart disease later in lifeInteresting findings of a research have shown that heart disease could be traced back to poor behaviors of eating during early age. This means that children predispose their bodies to develop heart complications in the future based on the foods they are given or those that they choose to eat. According to findings of ‘Young Finns Study’, researchers observed the role that certain eating behaviors play among 3500 research subjects aged between 3 and 18 years old. Scientists were able to link high risks of heart disease among subjects who took reduced intake for vegetables and fruits over their lives.

Consumption of fruits and vegetables is vital among kids

This kind of research offers a perfect explanation as to why children are always encouraged to eat vegetables and fruits right from the very early ages. It is so unfortunate that most of them do not implement this very important rule for health, which is quite important. Something else pointed out by this research is that children who start of their lives with toxic foods that are a low in fruits and vegetables, there is a high likelihood that they will carry on such bad eating behaviors right into their adult hood. The researchers also stressed on the importance of parents being in full control and knowing what their children are eating, both at school and at home.

Parents set the pace ultimately of what their children eat. This is because kids will eat what their parents become home as parents are the ones who provide for their families. If parents bring junk food, their children will of course eat junk. When parents bring organic, fresh real food, then their children are going to eat real food and it is quite simple. Considering that such eating behaviors start right from when the kids are young, it is crucial that children are exposed to good eating, especially during young age when their bodies and brains are developing and growing. It is a much better choice for parents to ensure that their young kids are hooked to fresh, organic food.

How children can lead a healthy life

According to the suggestions of the Young Finns Study, so many children out there are predisposed to get sick once they become old and this is a bad thing to hear. This is because conditions such as heart disease are preventable but understanding and controlling this will require mass awareness. And as the epidemic for heart disease continues to increase and progress, more good advice is required to help people avoid such an outcome. People need to take a keen look at their actual dietary patterns because after all is said and done, avoiding diseases is all about choices.