The best and effective back pain treatmentHaving a back pain can be a symptom of very many diseases. The cause of the back pain can be a problem with the back itself or a problem with another part of the body. In many occasions the cause of the back pain is not identified and when the cause is identified these are the common explanations.

  • The patient having the injury which affects the back, also the long term strain on the back caused by obesity and short term stress caused by occasional stress on the back.
  • One may have an accident that may injure the back bone leading to the bone thinning disease or osteoporosis.
  • There may be the wear and tear of the backbone caused by age injury and one’s genetic predisposition.
  • One may have contacted a disease that may affect the spinal nerves including the injury that is caused by the protruding disk.

Some of the symptoms of back pains include the following:

a)      Back sprain or strain.  Back pain may occur after a day of exerting stress on the back. For example after a day of heavy lifting. This may make some areas of the back to become sore.

b)      Fibromyalgia. Apart from the back pain, there are also some areas of stiffness around the neck and the shoulders. This is the soft spot that are sometimes sore to touch.

c)      Degenerative arthritis of the spine. Over many years due to constant bending the spine may become stiff and one might have some pain while bending over.

d)     Inflammatory arthritis. One usually experiences some pain in the back. In some cases, one may experience some pain around the shoulder area and the chest area one may also have the feeling of being extremely tired.

e)      Cancer in the spinal bones. The back pain in this case may be very consistent and worsens when someone lay down.

f)       Spinal stenosis. Is characterized by pain numbness and weakness, which affect the back and the legs.

g)      Pyelonephritis. People who have kidney infections often and suddenly develop pain beneath the ribs and travels towards the lower abdomen and sometimes down to the groin.

When you go for diagnosis, the doctor will ask you about your back pains, he or she will then examine your back muscles. If it’s only back pain, the doctor may tell you that the problem is not serious but if the problem is much serious, then you will be required to take some tests.

The duration of the back pain

It will be determined by the seriousness of the back pain if it’s caused by normal lifting then you will be alright in days or a week, however, this may not be the case if the cause is much serious.

Prevention of the back pains. One can do so by maintaining good posture, sleeping on your side, regular exercising and avoiding standing for too long.

Treatment of back pain

Treatment of back pain is normally done by bed rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants and hot or cold compresses

One should seek medical attention if the back pain prevent you from doing your normal activities or if it accompanied by weakness, weight loss, trauma, weakness, numbness and if you have suffered cancer previously.