Understanding the mysterious CIRS- WDB illnessCIRS, an illness caused when one is exposed to water damaged buildings has caused a lot of heated debate in the past. This has resulted in experts lobbing very harsh allegations on the patients and these experts are required to explain the legitimacy of this illness. The Sick Building Syndrome as it has come to be referred as has been availed to be a very real disease. This chronic inflammatory illness can be identified easily through a series of lab testing procedures and FDA approved medications can be used to treat it fully.

This is the first research paper in this field to be written by expert physicians who are well experienced with the illness. Rigorously and thoroughly, the paper has referenced opinions of governmental agencies, published literature that exists currently and has reviewed patient data extensively which has made the subject a legal and political barrier in providing patient care.

Why the consensus statement is important

About six months ago, a credentialed and distinguished panel of researchers and medical doctors, all who are not POA members are asked to develop a conscious statement on diagnosing the increasing public health problem i.e. the illness acquired from buildings damaged by water in America and propose the best treatments. The conscious statement availed was peer reviewed extensively other researchers and medical doctors. The release of this research paper will assist the doctors and patients to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms, diagnosis, systems and treatment alternatives available for the sick patients.

The team knew too well that if their research failed to ease the liability of the involved powerful stakeholders, the industry would do anything possible to have the findings discredited. The conclusion of the research paper was that the mysterious disease in question is known as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, abbreviated as CIRS. If the cause of this disease is directly linked to exposure to water damaged buildings, it is referred to as CIRS- WDB.

What did the consensus statement achieve?

Ritchie Shoemaker who co- authored the study and Pocomoke MD in Maryland, the statement builds consensus as it is able to debunk false ideas regarding the illness being acquired from such buildings. The statement clearly establishes sound basis for practicing physicians to effectively assess this complex illness. It is no longer necessary to keep guessing what could probably be wrong while there are labs that can be used for proving what is abnormal. The patients no longer have to continue suffering after they are given incorrect medications for depression, allergy or stress. This illness is one of the most mysterious diseases that have affected Americans in the past decade. The worst thing is that poor diagnosis of the CIRS has only been endangering the lives of the patients as they have been receiving treatments for other conditions.