Learning about basic first aid skills is important for everyone. However, first aid requires the application of good judgment. This means that the knowledge about first aid should not be based on ‘old wives’ tales’. Here are five common myths regarding first aid that are not just untrue, but are dangerous.

1. Sucking Venom to Treat a Snake Bite

This is the most common and probably the most dangerous myth on the internet. Snake bites cannot be treated merely by sucking the venom. The only safe way to treat snakebite is through the application of anti-venom. The person who is bitten by a snake should be immediately rushed to a hospital to get the required treatment.

2. Alcohol can help treat a Hypothermic Patient

Another common first aid myth is that alcohol should be given to treat a hypothermic patient. The fact is that alcohol dilates the blood vessels. This can result in more heat loss instead of less heat loss. Moreover, it will affect the coordination and judgment of the hypothermic patient that should be avoided at all cost.

3. Putting a Spoon in the Mouth Can Stop a Seizure

Never put a spoon in the mouth of a person seizure. There is no truth to the myth that a person who is suffering from a seizure will bite the tongue. To prevent an injury, you should remove harmful objects near the area. However, don’t do anything that will restrict the movement of the person in any way. If the seizure persists for five minutes or more, you should call professional medical help immediately.

4. Butter will not Relieve Pain of a Burn Victim

Remember that butter will not relieve the pain of a burn victim. In fact, putting butter or any other kind of grease on the burn can prolong the pain. This is because grease traps the heat. Moreover, butter is not hygienic or germ-free.  So, putting butter on the burn can lead to increased pain, infection, and even scarring for life.

5. Doing nothing is the Best Option

Finally, this is the worst myth regarding basic first aid. Some people fear that they will do more harm to an injured person by performing basic first aid. Obviously, this is another myth. The reality is that performing timely first aid can help save the life of a person. If a person is unconscious due to drowning or a sudden heart attack, it’s vital that you perform CPR. This will ensure that the blood is kept circulating inside the body thereby keeping the person alive.

Everyone should get a CPR certification. Taking an online CPR class will allow you to differentiate facts from myths. You will be able to perform effective first aid that may save the life of a person. This will make you feel empowered in case of emergency situations.