Bug bites are usually nothing more than an irritation. However, in some cases, they result in a severe reaction that requires medical attention. A bite from certain bugs such as bees and spiders can cause life-threatening conditions In addition, people who are allergic to insect bites may experience a dangerous reaction.

In this post, you will learn about how to respond to some common bug bites and avoid an infection.

1. Bee Stings

A sting by a bee can result in a dangerous reaction. Bees leave behind their sting after striking. You should immediately take them out using your thumbnail.  Avoid squeezing a sting as it can increase the amount of allergens being released in the body. This can result in a serious allergic reaction.

Once you have removed the sting, you should apply ice to the area. This will help in reducing pain and swelling. Also, antihistamines can be used in case of a severe allergic reaction. The medication can effectively reduce itching, pain, and swelling. Call an ambulance in case of an anaphylactic or systemic reaction. The medical personnel will apply an adrenaline auto-injector in order to stabilize the condition.

2. Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites cause itch and swelling. You can recognize the bite in the form of a red bump. These bites usually appear in the form of clusters. You should not scratch the area as it can result in an infection. Clean the swollen area with soap or water. For severe itching, you should apply calamine lotion or a cool compress.

You should not treat mosquitos lightly. They are the harbinger of different diseases, some of which are deadly. Take action to get rid of this natural menace inside and around your house.

3. Spider Bites

Bites from certain spiders such as the black-widow can result in a severe allergic reaction. A spider bite is in the form of a blister with swelling and redness. Some of the spider bites cause severe pain and stinging. Similar to the case with a bee sting, you should clean the area around the spider bite with soap and apply ice to reduce swelling. If you suspect a bite from spiders with a deadly venom such as a brown-recluse or a black-widow, you should immediately contact a doctor.

4. Tick Bites

Tick Bites are in the form of a circular bump. You should use tweezers to remove the tick from the skin. Pull the tick out of the skin and put it in a container containing alcohol. Also, you should wash the area around the bite with water and soap, and apply an antibiotic ointment.

The above are common first aid tips for treating bug bites. You should consider enrolling in an online first aid certification class to learn important first aid tips. You can learn important lifesaving skills when you enroll in an online CPR and first aid certification class.