Not found in the US? Discover the three productsA product that is Redmond Wash based, is a physio controller called TrueCPR. This is a device that is used to provide feedback basing on CPR; it enables rescuers determine compression, depth and quality of the chest. TFI (True utilizes traxial Field Induction) is a device that works according to the magnetic field. The technology for sure overcomes too much compression-depth brought about by other devices in the market. When used on a stretcher or a mattress.

It is expected that the device, a product of Physio control shall be launched in 2013, first in Europe then shortly afterwards shall be launched in U.S.

About RhinoChill

The second product to be released yet in the market is an induction device which is very unique and designed for the hospital environment. This device is to be used in therapeutic-hypothermia induction. The device is known as RhinoChill. This device uses a nasal-cannula similar to a cooling-catheter. The cannula cools post cardiac –arrest patients very fast. The brain is cooled in an evaporative manner by flowing compressed air or oxygen into it. This ensures that the whole body temperature as well is lowered. The product shall first be delivered in Europe then U.S to follow suite.

About Corpuls CPR

Corpuls CPR is the last device that is yet to get transported to the U.S. This is a new type of CPR that is automated. The CPR is a product of Corpuls Inc, located in Kauffering in Germany. The devise is expected to first appear in Germany then Europe later on this year. The device operates on battery and contains a blackboard that is integral-long. It also features adjustable-depth and has rate –parameters. Bringing the gadget in U.S is not in the mind of the producer at the moment.