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Soft Drinks no Longer Included in Burger King Kid Meals


Date: September 13th, 2016

Burger King Statement concerning the change

Burger King officials say that they stopped including a fountain soda with their kids meals in order to offer guests more options that meet their lifestyle needs. Drinks will still be included with the kid’s meals, but the drinks will be fat free milk, 100% apple juice, or low-fat chocolate milk. Soft drinks will still be listed, and will still be available to children, but they will not be listed on the kids menu.

The Seriousness of Hot Flashes in Younger Women


Date: September 12th, 2016


Approximately 70% of women will experience the condition known as” hotflashes”, or night sweats, when they are going through menopause. Hotflashes are described as being a sudden and intense body heat. While experiencing these hotflashes women often get reddened skin, and irritable because of the discomfort.
What women may not realize is that hotflashes can be an indicator of an increased risk for heart disease. Women who are younger than 52, and experiencing these events need to pay attention to their signs for heart disease, and start to take action to reduce their risks.

Surprising Places that Body Fat Hides


Date: September 11th, 2016

Our Need for Fat

Everyone wants to be thin, and to have as little body fat as possible, but the human body needs a certain amount of fat in order for it to be healthy and function normally.
The layer of fat on our bodies helps us to stay warm when temperatures are low. The fat on our bodies is burned as energy and fat plays a critical role in the protection of organs. Fat is positioned around some organs to protect them from injury. Fat also plays a role in the correct hormonal balance we have.

Pediatricians against the Legalization of Marijuana


Date: September 10th, 2016

Concerns of Pediatricians about Teens and Marijuana Consumption

Marijuana can create memory lapses, and concentration problems, in users. Teens who use marijuana may start to fail in their studies. The drug is known to impair motor skills of users. When teens use marijuana and have impaired motor skills, they are more apt to be involved in an accident.
The teen that are often using marijuana are at a greater risk of falling and injuring themselves because the drug interferes with mobility and coordination. The more often that a teen uses this drug the larger risk they take of injury or death from the side effects.

Pediatricians increasingly asked to Delay Vaccinations


Date: September 9th, 2016

Most of the pediatricians who took part in the survey said that they were frequently asked by parents to change the schedule for the vaccinations their children needed. Many of the pediatricians said that they did spread out vaccination schedules for parents who requested them to do so.

The Risks

The vaccination schedule has been established so that children get the proper doses of vaccine into their blood stream to stop them from contracting serious cases of childhood diseases. Many of the vaccinations that are given to protect children from things like measles, mumps, and chicken pox, are given in multiple doses. Each dose contains a small amount of the vaccine and the children grow immune to the disease over a period of time as the medicine is introduced at increasing levels into their bloodstream.

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