On the contrary, life would be unbearable without cholesterol. The truth is, without cholesterol, your body would not make sex hormones, for instance, testosterone and estrogen, adrenal hormones known to regulate the blood pressure & metabolism, including essential nutrients like Vitamin D.

At healthy stages- At least less than hundred milligrams in every deciliter LDL or low-density-lipoprotein provides you with the cholesterol needed by your tissues to enhance healthy functioning and cell stability. In the meantime, HDL search excess cholesterol after which it carries it to the liver. The liver in turn breaks down excess cholesterol and then eliminates it from your system earning the name “good cholesterol”

Low HDL levels classically defined to be less than 40mg/DL-LDL may build up in your blood vessels thus being referred as “bad cholesterol” The cholesterol build up in turn cause plaque to develop in a person’s arteries improving chances of stroke or heart attack.

Reliable research has proved that there lifestyle changes one can make in order to maintain good cholesterol levels. Here are 6 ways for improving HDL levels and maintaining a happy heart.

Stop smoking

Smoking affects your lungs and even lowers HDL concentration in the body. However, a certain review that was printed in Biomarker Research stated that HDL levels rise by 30% in 3 weeks after you quit smoking.

Go nuts

You should consume at least 8 kernels on the daily basis. This will improve HDL levels by roughly 16% in a period of 12 weeks. Researchers pointed out that the nutrients found in almond reduce LDL cholesterol absorbed by the body from the foods and at the same time increasing cholesterol amount eliminated by the body.

Consume moderate alcohol amounts

High alcohol consumption increases your risk of having a heart attack. However, drinking less alcohol leads to increase in HDL. A PLoS points out that low or moderate consumption of alcohol otherwise defined as a drink every day for men and women helps improve protein transfer involved in transferring HDL through your bloodstream.

Keep a limit for the processed foods

Processed food have increased amount of saturated fats and trans. If excessively consumed saturated fats and trans cause a negative effect on your cholesterol levels. Trans fats particularly reduce HDL levels.

Eat a lot fiber

Fiber is known to regulate your bowel movements. A report that was published by National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, soluble fiber aids in blocking cholesterol absorption in your bloodstream. Unfortunately, Americans only get half the recommended intake daily.

Improve your HDL Levels; the best fiber sources that lower cholesterol levels are lentils, beans, blueberries, oatmeal, and flax seeds

Be a cardio bunny

Some reliable sources states that cardiovascular exercise help in reducing weight and improve HDL levels. One study that is in print in the sports science journal, running or walking 60 to 50 minutes every day, 5 days every week in a period of 12 weeks,  heavy men lost their body fat significantly, blood pressure, insulin resistance as well as “bad cholesterol” levels.

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