Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Many people hate the term ‘healthy lifestyle’ since it brings vivid images of eating only green leafy veggies and running countless miles every day. But it does not have to be this way at all. You can enjoy a very healthy lifestyle by simply making a few effective but very important life-changing choices.

Some of these choices include the following:

Swap Junk Food for Clean Eating

The average upsized fast food meal has enough calories to last you for a full 12-hour, heavy duty workday. Do this thrice a day for 7 days a week for years and, as the saying goes, Houston, we have a problem.

However, this certainly does not mean that you have to permanently eliminate all your favorite hot dog and fries combos from your life. The keyword here is moderation. For example, you can mark Sundays as binge days in which you will cheat on your weekly diet. You can enjoy all the burgers and fried chicken on that specified day only. Not only will it help you stave away depression, you will also have something to look forward to every weekend. And of course, the sheer anticipation will naturally make the experience really savory, even as you look forward to every single tempting bite.

As for the remaining days of the week, you can try and follow a low carb and low processed food diet. This way, your body will get all the wholesome nutrients but without all those extra calories from fats and sugar.  

Always Try and Avoid Empty Calories

Empty calories include different kinds of processed surgery desserts, bottled soft drinks, and other similar stuff.  Basically, the term denotes calories that you consume, but without satisfying your hunger or providing any sort of nutritional value to your body. For example, a half-liter bottle of Coke may have around 400 calories. Drink a couple of bottles and it will be the equivalent of a full dual course meal. But, they will not fill you up at all and you will still need to eat a meal to get rid of your hunger pangs.


The amazing health benefits of exercise should never be underestimated. In fact, even fairly light exercise, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can work wonders. Walking a couple of blocks to your office can also go a long way towards the maintenance of a really healthy lifestyle.


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not all that hard. It is just a simple matter of exercising your will power and a bit of common sense. But it is very important that you must always continue to follow these tips if you are really interested in remaining healthy and fit throughout your life.