Sometimes, the difference between life and death may be as simple as knowing the right first aid technique. This holds particularly true when lives are on the line, and you have no one to turn to except yourself in order to save someone.

In some cases, paramedics and emergency services can be miles away, and you simply do not have the time to wait for them. This is why knowing what you have to do will greatly help you in keeping someone alive till the professionals arrive and take over. Let us take a look at a really great first aid technique that you can practice and use as and when required.

o   The Heimlich Maneuver

This essential maneuver can help you save a precious life within seconds. The ‘abdominal thrust’ or the Heimlich Maneuver is a reasonably simple and straightforward action that is conducted to dislodge any large food particle or object that may become lodged inside a patient’s airway.

 If the object is big enough, it can potentially choke a person by blocking their airflow.  If executed correctly, this maneuver can increase the pressure on the chest and the abdomen region, thus expelling the object. This is how you can perform this maneuver:

o   Observe the Tell-Tale Signs of Choking

A person who is choking to death will not be able to tell you about their predicament. You will have to determine if they need first aid by observing the following signs:

  • The person can’t speak
  • The affected person cannot breathe properly
  • Loud gasps and difficulty breathing
  • The victim is incapable of coughing
  • Their lips and fingernails start turning gray or blue
  • The affected person loses consciousness

If any of the above apply, you should grasp the person firmly from behind with your hands on their abdomen region. Make a fist with one of your hands and place the other hand over this fist. You should then perform five abdominal thrusts in quick succession.

The best way to perform the Heimlich Maneuver is to rapidly pull inward and outward as you press your hands firmly above the navel but below the chest cavity of the affected person.  You should exert physical force almost as if you are trying to lift the person off the ground.

If the initial five attempts do not succeed, repeat the process once again.

If the person is still not breathing properly, you should perform a series of hard blows to the back. Deliver five sharp blows to the individual’s back using the heel of your palm.  You should aim your blows on the area between the shoulder blades. You should also press down hard every time you hit the target area in order to dislodge the object.

o    Conclusion

The Heimlich Maneuver is one of the best first aid techniques that you can use to save someone’s life. However, it imperative that you also get someone else to call for emergency medical services while you are performing this maneuver.