Strenuous physical activity increases the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. This is particularly true for people who are at increased risk of a heart attack such as diabetic and obese individuals and those with a family history of heart diseases.

A lot of cardiac arrest cases are reported in the gym. If you are a gym teacher, you should consider learning about cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Here are just some of the benefits of getting a CPR certification online.

1. Help Save Lives

A study published in the Europeans Heart Journal had found that victims of exercise-related cardiac arrest were 46 percent more likely to survive as compared to only 17 percent of non-exercise related cardiac arrest victims. However, you need to perform CPR to increase the chances that the victim of cardiac arrest survives the ordeal.

Knowing how to properly perform CPR through an online course will enable you to perform immediate medical assistance. The average time of arrival of emergency personnel ranges from 11 to 45 minutes. However, a cardiac arrest victim can last for only a few minutes. An average adult can survive for about 4 minutes after the heart stops. The timeframe for survival is even shorter for teenagers and children. If you know CPR and first aid, you can provide immediate medical assistance that can help in saving the life of the victim.

2. Easy to Learn

Another reason to get a CPR certification is that learning the skill is not that difficult. You can learn about the technique by watching a few training videos. The training videos will walk you through the steps required to learn the technique.

You can learn the technique more easily by taking an online course as opposed to attending a classroom-based course. With the online course, you can learn about the technique at your own comfortable pace. This will result in more effective learning.

3. Know How to Use AED

By enrolling in a CPR certification online, you will know how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). The device is used for saving the life of an individual. You can learn how to use the portable device to assist the victim. The training course will consist of online videos that will show you how the device is used. Using the device can greatly increase the chances that a heart attack victim will survive the ordeal.

 4. Increase Employability

Finally, a CPR and first aid certification will increase your employability. Employers value prospective employees who know important lifesaving skills. The certification will act as a seal of approval, reflecting your expertise in performing CPR and first aid.

Gym teachers who know CPR and first aid can provide immediate assistance in case of an emergency. The chances of survival for the victim will increase significantly when immediate medical help is provided. It’s important to get the certification to ensure that you are able to offer timely assistance while waiting for professional help to arrive.