Most people think that the responsibilities of flight attendants include greeting people and serving them food. While these are their main duties, but they are not the only ones. In fact, the profession of flight attendants was started to ensure the safety of the passengers. The first flight attendant hired in 1930 was a nurse named Ellen Church whose main job duty was to assist the persons in case of a medical emergency.

Airlines will benefit from training the flight attendants about first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). First aid and CPR certification will allow the flight attendants to deal with in-flight heart attack problems. It will allow them to deal with in-flight emergencies including heart attacks.

Here are three main reasons that flight attendants should consider getting a first aid and CPR online training.

1. Increase Employability

CPR training can increase the employability. Passengers feel more safe and secure when they know that there is a flight attendant who knows how to perform first aid and CPR. This is a fact that has not gone unknown among the airlines. As a result, they prefer flight attendants who have a first aid CPR certification. The certification allows individuals to handle almost any emergency situation that can occur during the flight. This raises their value in the eyes of the employers.

2. Offer Timely Assistance

Once the first aid and CPR skills are learned, they can live with you for a lifetime. You can offer timely assistance to people during emergency both on and off the plane. This will create a feeling of empowerment and inner self-satisfaction.

3. Save Lives

Medical emergencies can occur anytime during the flight. If the flight assistants know about first aid and CPR training they can provide timely assistance that can help save the life of the individual. Millions of people die every year in the US due to a heart attack.

Most of the deaths could have been prevented if they were given CPR. The earlier a person receives help after a heart attack, the greater are the chances of a recovery. By performing CPR, you will be able to keep the blood circulating until the medical help arrives. This can spell the difference between life and death for the individual.

The fact is that it’s not that difficult to learn about first aid and CPR. You can easily learn the required skills by taking an online first aid and CPR certification course. You can look at online videos and read step-by-step instructions to perform the lifesaving skills. Online CPR courses are more convenient and affordable as compared to classroom-based courses. They allow you to learn the lifesaving skill at your own pace at a time that is convenient for you.