Performing CPR is an exhausting task. Most people become exhausted after about 10 minutes into CPR. Rescuer fatigue results in inadequate compression depths and rates. That’s why the ideal option in cases where two trained persons are present at the emergency scene is to perform a two-person CPR.

The two-person resuscitation method involves two people simultaneously performing the CPR. Here, we will shed light on what is a two-person CPR method, and also explain in what situations should the resuscitation method be used.

About the Two-Person CPR Method

In case a heart attack victim is not breathing, resuscitation procedure should be initiated immediately. If there are two trained personnel present at the scene, they should coordinate to perform chest compressions.

In the two-person resuscitation, rescuers switch positions after about every two minutes. One of the rescuers is positioned near the chest area while the other one is positioned near the head of the victim. This position allows quick position changing.

Switching regularly and quickly ensures that the depth and the rate of compressions are adequate. The two-person resuscitation method allows rescuers to continue performing CPR for hours until medical help arrives.

Important Consideration when Performing CPR

When performing two-person CPR, rescuers should change positions in a way that the rhythm of the compressions are not changed. That’s why the rescuer who not performing the CPR should stand near the head of the victim. This allows quick position changing without any interruption in the rhythm.

The person who is not performing CPR should monitor the condition of the victim by checking the pulse regularly. Checking the pulse is important to assess the effectiveness of chest compressions of the partner. Also, the pulse is checked to find out whether the victim has resumed breathing. Chest compressions should be stopped when the victim starts breathing again.

Finally, the person who is performing CPR should say ‘switch’ when it’s the other rescuer’s turn. This gives the other rescuer to get into position to perform CPR.

What’s the Best Way to Learn About CPR?

The best way to learn about the life saving skill is to take CPR online classes. Taking online classes is more convenient for people who don’t have the time to attend class-room based courses. Individuals can learn about the life saving technique at their own pace without making any changes in their busy schedules.

Enrolling in online CPR classes is cost-effective as well. You will generally have to pay a lot less to get a CPR certification online as compared to getting the certification by enrolling in a classroom based course.

Taking the time to learn about the emergency technique is worth it in the end. You will be able to provide timely assistance to individuals who have suffered from a heart attack and will be able to save lives.