Factors that increase risk for esophageal cancerThe risk of some people being diagnosed with esophageal cancer is greater than others. The esophagus is the long tube which joins the stomach and mouth and knowing what can cause esophagus cancer may help you take sound steps of reducing esophageal cancer.

Various risk factors for esophageal cancer

The actual cause of esophageal is not understood entirely. However, research has pinpointed a couple of lifestyle factors, which can heighten the risk of developing the disease which include:

Smoking: smokers of cigarettes, cigars or pipes as well as people who tend to chew tobacco are usually at a high risk of getting esophageal cancer. However, despite the fact that the risk is usually higher among smokers, it is also possible for non-smokers to be diagnosed with esophageal cancer as well.

Heavy alcohol drinking: using too much alcohol for a prolonged period of time may damage cells of esophageal, which can in the end cause esophageal cancer. Heavy drinkers and smokers are at a very high risk of being diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

Frequent acid reflux- this refers to a condition in which the acid in the stomach usually irritate esophageal thus causing heart burn which might eventually cause esophageal cancer. About a third of esophageal cancer cases are usually linked to GERD- chronic gastroesophageal reflux disease and over time, this disease may result in Barrett’s esophageal. This refers to a condition in which the lower parts of esophageal have abnormal cells. You should communicate to your doctor if you are suffering from frequent reflux so that you can have your health monitored and even get some medications for your condition as well.

Poor diet- failure to eat enough vegetables and fruits can increase the risk of getting esophageal cancer.

Various health conditions- patients of tylosis, a very rare disorder of the skin have high chances of being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Another condition is achalasia, which involves trapping of the food in lower parts of esophageal, which also heightens the risk of one getting the cancer.

Chemicals- for people who tend to work with some chemicals such as those used in dry cleaning have a higher risk of getting esophageal cancer. Ingesting drain cleaners accidentally, which contain lye might esophageal cancer some years later?

Hot drinks- scalding some hot beverages such as coffee and tea may damage your esophageal tissues thus leading to esophageal cancer.

Other risk factors that may cause esophageal cancer

Besides health disorders and lifestyle factors, there are other risk factors, which heighten the chances of one being diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Such include age whereby the risk tends to increase as one ages. Race also matters a lot as Caucasians are usually at a very high risk of being diagnosed with adenocarcinoma while the African Americans tend to develop squamous cell esophageal cancer more frequently. Finally, being obese/ overweight and gender can also increase the risk of esophageal cancer as well.