Did you know that an estimated 100,000 lives can be saved each year if cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is performed on time? The rise in cardiac diseases and other illnesses has made it important for people everywhere to learn to perform CPR.

Below are the 5 major reasons why everyone should enroll in an online CPR training program and sharpen their first aid skills.

5 Reasons to be CPR-trained

Learning to perform CPR can benefit you and those around you in terms of health and wellbeing.

It Saves Lives

The major advantage of learning to perform CPR is that it enables you to save countless lives. According to the American Heart Association, over 88% people die due to cardiac arrests.

Your skill to provide initial care to someone who is amidst such an episode not just brings about hope for them it encourages others to be equipped with the same skill.

It Promotes Proper Flow of Oxygen

CPR can prevent brain death by regulating the flow of oxygen to the brain and other organs. This then increases the patient’s chances of recovery.

It Increases Your Confidence

When someone has had a cardiac arrest, everyone around you is worried or is in a state of panic. However, a CPR-trained person remains confident in this situation as they are aware of the necessary measures that need to be taken to save the patient.

This confidence transforms their role from that of a bystander to that of a lifesaver and turns them into a source that people can always rely on.

It Helps You Feel Good About Yourself

Having this skill can help you feel good about yourself.

Saving another person’s life actually releases your stress and increases positivity in you. This positivity then affects all aspects of your life and makes you productive for yourself as well as others.

It Enhances Your Skill-Set

One of the many known benefits of learning to perform CPR is that it increases your skill-set significantly. It improves your ability to gain technical knowledge regarding a complex subject. The training also helps you to learn how to actually implement the information in real life situations.

Therefore, being CPR-trained turns you into a more capable person.


As opposed to some of the other live-saving techniques, CPR is not difficult to learn and it helps save lives. There are several online training sources that can help you to learn this very important skill and save countless lives!