We all know that CPR and first aid can help save lives in case of medical emergencies. They can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, experts emphasize on learning at least the basics of first aid and CPR. It can prove highly advantageous during emergencies and can help people struggling for life.

Reasons to Learn Basic CPR and First Aid

Here are the top 4 reasons why everyone must learn at least the basics of CPR and first aid.

 Save a Life

The first and the foremost reason why you should take time out to learn first aid and CPR techniques is that it saves lives. Sudden cardiac arrests are common these days with more than 400,000 people dying from it each year.

Performing CPR on people undergoing cardiac arrests keeps blood pumping to their brain. This preserves their brain function and increases their chances of making it alive through the cardiac arrest episode until help arrives.

Prevents Situations from Worsening

Some conditions and situations require immediate medical attention. Delaying it poses a risk to the lives of those involved. It is important to provide them immediate first aid care to prevent their symptoms from deteriorating or worsening.

If someone knows the basics of first aid, they will be able to take control of the situation and prevent it from worsening any further until help arrives. This is important in case of severe bleeding, choking, or cardiac arrest episodes. With first aid, you can prove to be the invaluable link that helps them survive.

It Makes You A Valuable Part of Your Community

Not a lot of people know the basics of CPR and first aid. Being certified in these makes you a valuable and important part of your community. You can help people in case of emergencies and prove to help save their lives.

Sadly, not enough people know first aid basics and CPR. The more people know about the basic life-saving techniques, the better chances you will have to save someone’s life in the time of medical emergencies.

Cardiac Arrests are Becoming Increasingly Common

Do you know that around 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home? If you leave the patient as they are and don’t provide them immediate CPR, they will lose their chances of survival. Every second is important in case someone is having a cardiac arrest.

While you should call for help immediately, it is important to perform CPR on the patient to keep him alive and stable. It prevents brain death and that is very important to increase their chances of survival. If you want to save your loved one, then one of you must know how to perform CPR.

Final Thoughts

Learning CPR and first aid basics are very important. It can help you save lives and prevent medical emergency situations from deteriorating any further. Get trained in first aid and CPR. It is simple and convenient with many training institutes now offering online courses as well.

You can pick one that suits your schedule and become certified in performing CPR and providing basic first aid to people in need.