Tips for a Healthy Life

Whether you want to get rid of all those extra pounds or simply want to live a healthy life, these three simple tips will help you a lot in achieving your goal.

Forgo the Elevator!

Most of us rush to the elevator whenever we go to work. But turning away from that little metal box can prove to be very beneficial in the long run. This is because staircases are considered to be some of the most underrated workouts around. Which is why, in case you are not able to hit the gym every day, then you can always hit the staircase instead. 

Even a couple of minutes of brisk climbing activity can easily help you burn off 30-35 calories. On the other hand, using a crowded elevator will not help you to burn anything.

Apart from that, you can also try and park your car a few blocks away from your office, even if you have a reserved parking spot there. This will help you burn off more calories even before you reach your office. And you can do the same when you go back home. Think about it, a couple of hundred calories gone just because of a slight change in your lifestyle.

Remove Processed Sugar from Your Diet

While exercise is all well and good, a single glass of cola has the potential to negate all that daily workout. If you burn 200 calories so painstakingly, it will come to naught since a single glass of soft drink contains around 250 calories. If you continue to drink even a single glass on a daily basis, it will not only lead to massive weight gain but it can also lead you to develop multiple chronic conditions like diabetes.

And if you have a ‘sweet tooth’, you are in even bigger trouble. After all, all those ice creams, shakes, cakes, and cookies will take a toll on your health. These processed sugars offer no nutritional value whatsoever, but they create a massive burden on your digestive system. Moreover, sugar is addictive; ergo, the more you eat, the more you want. And the worst part is that a few minutes of brisk walking cannot get rid of all of that extra sugar from your system! So do the right thing and make sure you consume sugary products only in small amounts so they don’t have any long-lasting adverse effects on your health.

Avoid Fried Food as Much as You Can

We all like fried food. Unfortunately, it is a lot more calorie-dense than grilled or broiled food.  This is why you should stick to no fat options and restrict your fried food intake as much as you can.


These health hacks might not be able to give near-instantaneous results; nonetheless, they will help you on your journey towards living a healthy life. If you follow them on a daily basis, you will remain healthy all your life.