The bystander effect refers to a social situation in which people don’t offer help to the victim. There are many theories that explain the bystander effect. Some researchers say that the bystander effect happens due to bystander apathy. Others state that it occurs due to the inability of the person to respond to the emergency.

Many factors can explain the bystander effect such as lack of cohesiveness, confusion, and diffusion of responsibility. Whatever, the factors for the bystander effect are, the fact is that it is a negative social behavior. Here we will look at some of the proactive steps that can help you to overcome the bystander effect and offer assistance when required.

How Can You Break the Bystander Effect Trap?

Overcoming the bystander effect is important. You need to realize that your timely assistance can help save the life of an individual. In order to avoid falling into the bystander effect trap, psychologists state that you should first become aware of the tendency. Becoming aware of the tendency can help you to break this trap of inactivity.

You need to make conscious efforts to avoid the bystander effect. Though there is a tendency for most people to fall into the bystander effect trap, there had been instances of average people coming into the spotlight by saving the life of a person (or a group of persons) in time of crises.

According to researchers, different things can help people to overcome the bystander effect. If you are trained on how to respond to emergencies such as after taking cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) first aid training, you will be better able to help a person in case of an emergency.

Contrary to common perception, you do not need to be a doctor, nurse, or an EMT to take CPR first aid classes. Anyone can enroll in an online first aid certification class to learn about skills that can assist a person in an emergency.

The Benefits of Taking CPR and First Aid Certification Online

Taking a CPR and first aid certification online course will provide you confidence in assisting people in case of an emergency. You will learn about the how to perform CPR to a sudden cardiac arrest victim. Also, you will know how to help a drowning victim.

Timely assistance is vital for the survival of a heart attack or drowning victims. Performing CPR ensures that the condition of the victim remains stable until professional help arrives. If you learn about CPR, you won’t feel helpless watching a person suffer from a life-threatening condition. It will allow you to avoid the bystander effect and provide timely assistance to a victim.

Good Smartian Law in the US protects people who provide assistance from any legal action due to injuring a person when providing medical assistance. In case you had provided assistance to a person with the intention of saving a life, you won’t be persecuted for any injury such as breaking the ribs. At the end of the day, by taking a CPR course you will feel happy inside knowing that in case of an emergency situation, you will be able to provide assistance to a victim.