The main job of firefighters is to battle blazes. However, this is not the only thing that they are expected to know. Firefighters also serve as the first responders during emergencies. They should know how to assist burn victims by performing first aid. And in this respect a CPR and first aid certification will prove invaluable.

Here we will explain why firefighters should be trained in advanced first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Importance of First Aid and CPR Training for Firefighters

A first aid and CPR training can benefit the firefighters in many ways. Fire departments today look for individuals who have first aid training to handle any medical emergency at the fire scene. They should know how to respond to any type of emergency including snake bites, trauma, cardiac arrest, and drowning.

First aid skills can help in stabilizing the condition of a burn or drowning victim until medical help arrives. In first aid and CPR training, individuals are taught the skills required to assist a person during a medical emergency. They are taught how to respond in case a person has stopped breathing and has no heart functioning. They will also know the situation when it’s safe to provide first and CPR to a victim.

CPR, which is an acronym of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, consists of a combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions. It is performed to ensure that oxygen and blood keeps circulating inside the body thereby preventing major damage to the body organs.

Every minute counts after a person stop breathing or have suffered a heart attack. Knowing about the first aid and CPR skills will help you to save the life of the individual. Immediate CPR is crucial to save thelife of the individual. Studies have found that individuals who received first aid or CPR after a medical emergency are two times likely to achieve a full recovery as compared to those who weren’t offered any help during a medical emergency.


Many firefighters have to deal with medical emergencies when they are battling fires. Instead of waiting for the medical personnel to arrive and help the victim, it’s important that the firefighters provide immediate first aid / CPR to stabilize the condition of the victim.

Getting a first aid and CPR online training can benefit firefighters in ways that go beyond fulfilling their main job role. It will provide them with the peace of mind in knowing that they can be able to save life of an individual facing medical emergency. It will make them feel empowered in the face of an emergency leading to mental fulfillment. In short, obtaining a CPR certification can enable firefighters to become a dependable and responsible professional and also serve as an inspiration or role model for others.