The term ‘elementary first aid’ usually refers to the process of assessing and then addressing the immediate physiological needs of any individual who has been badly injured or is in any other kind of severe distress. Such situations may arise because of a medical emergency such as a choking attack, asthma attack, allergic reaction, heart attack, etc.

This is precisely why learning basic first aid techniques is important. It will allow you to quickly and accurately determine the individual’s condition and treat them accordingly. However, you won’t be much help if you panic or don’t know the right course of action to take in an emergency situation.

Of course, seeking qualified medical help as soon as possible is very important. But it will certainly help to know the right way to react in an emergency situation. When seconds count, your actions might be the critical difference between life and death.

o   The Universal 3 Cs Of Emergency Aid

When learning first aid, it is very important to know all about the 3 Cs of emergency medical aid.

  • Check surroundings
  • Call for help
  • Care for the victim

These should be followed so that valuable lives may be saved when the time comes.

o   Check Your Immediate Surroundings

In case, you feel that you are rushing into a potentially dangerous situation, you should always check your surroundings. Carefully look around to make sure that you are not making a mistake that can prove hazardous to your life.

For example, a burning building may contain hazards worse than fire alone. The structure may be full of carbon monoxide, or there might be live wires or broken glass. All of these hazards can put your life at risk. If this is the case, it would be deemed sensible to wait for the EMTs to show up instead of charging headlong into danger.

o   Call for Help!

If you feel that an untoward incident is happening close to you, you should not procrastinate or hesitate. Instead, it is important to call for help ASAP. The worst that can happen is a few moments of embarrassment. On the other hand, not taking immediate action can cause irreversible harm.

o   Take Care of the Affected Individual/s

If you see that the person is hurt and in pain or seems to be on the verge of panic, you should act as calm as possible in front of him. This will help them calm down. You should inform them that help is on the way and there is no need to worry about anything. You should also make sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

o   Conclusion

The best first aid techniques can not only help you remain calm and composed but they can also help you save many lives in any situation where expert help is not available. It is important to remain calm and composed during such difficult times. Only then you will be able to properly use best first aid techniques to help the victim. Remember, every second counts. So don’t waste time panicking. Instead, follow these 3 Cs of emergency aid to save lives in disastrous situations.