Is the Online CPR Certification course meant for you?

If you’re interested and looking for an Online CPR Certification course, you can eventually search the internet and find some sites offering such services. They are offering it, at a lesser cost. You will  just need a computer, for video lessons, and perhaps a printer for the card or for a certificate stating that you have finished their course and you’re certified in the basics of CPR. At la small amount of time, effort and money you will have your certification online.  But, how are they valid? Can it be accepted by your employer? Or does it really valid at all?

Some experts and other offline CPR instructors are saying that Online CPR Certification is dumb useless. It will not guarantee, that the course you have taken up online are accepted and valid in the standards of implementing agencies and by your own boss. They have also said that you can’t actually learn online just by watching video demonstration without any “present” physical instructors, manikins and other necessary materials at your course. There’s no other way for the instructor in the video demo to check if you’ve learned something, or if you’ve doing it correctly.

The essence of Online CPR Certification course

They may be right. Offline CPR courses assure you that can you learn, perform, and practice CPR correctly at the aid of a physical instructor. Not just like in an online training course; offline courses,  offered particularly in the classroom, wherein there are instructors observing at you, would have the opportunity to look and know whether you are doing the right CPR. There are also present materials such manikins which simulate a human-like figure, wherein you can directly perform and practice the CPR properly. And most of all, they are trained and qualified CPR instructors.

But on the other hand, you may choose Online CPR Certification if it is your choice. Perhaps, Online CPR certification is best suitable for the busy person and for out of the budget. If you have no time in traveling to an offline training center and want to lessen other expenses in order to fulfill some job requirement, try online courses. They are offering it at least cost and at a comfort of your time schedule. As long as it valid and is accepted by your employer, then there is no problem, you can take an online certification.

But for individuals who want to become doctors or medical personnel or specialists, it is better to take offline CPR courses. In that matter, you can assure yourself that you can learn something from your course. Because most of the offline offering CPR courses are regulated and supervised by authority, not like online courses. Most of online CPR courses offered are for business and earning money, they are not for saving a life. Certificate, particularly Online CPR Certification, are not intended for just being certified in that skill, but for saving life. Don’t go for any alternatives if you have time and if you can do it. It’s not about being certified nor saving time, money and effort, it’s about life. Saving life!