According to advocates, it is unclear if or not enough people are going to follow through or even aware of the timing.

Other people, including patients who might normally not get involved in a medical research only have until noon on Wednesday to send their applications to be considered for one of the nearly 60 reviewer positions that the PCORI- Patient- Centered Outcomes Research Institute is offering. The reviewers are going to assist the Institute in selection of their first major research projects.

What is PCORI – Centered Outcomes Research Institute?

Better known as PCORI, Patient- Centered Outcomes Research Institute is a nonprofit, independent organization established under the health law. It will be funding and making recommendations depending on the comparative effectiveness of the research. The findings of the research aim at improving the decision making process by providers of health care. However, recent years have seen the concept become a political flashpoint. According to the opponents, this research will be used for denying and rationing treatment. With people with a perspective of the layman and patients being involved, officials are expecting to have those concerns addressed.

Detractors and supporters now have an opportunity of influencing the direction taken by PCORI. The Institute has been gearing up recently for consideration of its first major research funding round of $13 million pilot project grant program. This program will be looking at the best comparative effectiveness research practices and will be touching on how the research will be performed and also how others, including the patients are going to be involved. If this will include CPR healthcare providers training for the patients, so be it. Nothing will be left to chance regarding this research project.

PCORI calls for reviewer applications

Applications for grants are going to be considered sometime early next year where about 20 review panels will be involved with each panel comprising of three ‘stakeholders’ and 17 scientists. According to PCORI, the stakeholders could be health care providers, patients, non-scientist and insurers. The board of governors of the Institute will make the final decision on the expected 40 research projects. PCORI had as of Monday morning received about 160 reviewer applications and the number of patients was unknown as it was mixed among other interested people. Joe Selby, PCORI executive director expects to receive more than 250 applications. In addition, he also expects that two thirds of the stakeholders in each review panel are going to be patients.

Joe says that it is not very easy to find people for this join. They are looking for people who can identify themselves as patients in addition to having previous experience or training in reviewing scientific proposals as well as having an experience or a very strong interest in one of the total eight areas that the first research funding round will be covering. While training will be offered to successful applicants, research experience will be given explicit preference.

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