Must Have Items in Your First Aid Kit

Emergency cases require you to respond quickly, so it is essential to have a well-organized First Aid Kit and know all the First Aid Kit components.

A First Aid Kit that is well equipped is necessary for every house- and in all your cars. If anything, you are as likely to experience emergency needs like insect bites while in your car as in your house. The limited space in the cars, however, sometimes limits the number of tools that can be accommodated.

The components of first aid kit vary depending on the size and intended purpose of the kit. For instance, a First Aid Kit at the football pitch will have slightly different components as the First Aid Kit for home use.

Also, the size of the First Aid Kit at home might be different from the one in your organization.

One important First Aid Kit component is the manual. The manual must always be available to offer procedures for handling different cases. It is necessary for all the kits.

Let’s have a look at the Essential Components of the First Aid Kit!

Must Have Items in your First Aid Kit

Sterile dressing and Plasters

Plasters in different sizes and shapes- Plasters are used for small cuts and grazes in case of emergency. The variation in sizes is essential in handling different sizes of cuts in the body.

Sterile wound dressings of different sizes- The sterile wounds dressings are attached to the bandages. They are used in large wounds to stop bleedings.

Sterile pad- The sterile pads are soft. They are used in cushioning with the support of sticky tapes. Sterile Pads also stop bleedings from wounds.


Triangular bandages– The triangular bandages are used to dress wounds. They are large pieces of cloths that can be used to prevent germs or dirt from entering the wounds.

Crepe rolled bandages- Crepe rolled bandages are long and thin. They provide support to joint injuries and keep other dressings in positions. Crepe rolled bandages exerts pressure on wounds to stop further bleeding.

Protective Items

Disposable sterile gloves- Disposable sterile glove give protection against infections- both for the first aid provider and the victim of injury. They can only be used to offer services to one patient and then disposed of.

Face shields or pocket masks- Face shields and pocket masks are also used for protection. The face shield gives protections, especially when offering breathing aid.

Essential Extras

Kitchen films or clean plastic bags- The kitchen films or clean plastic bags are used to provide dressings to wounds from burns.

Alcohol gel- The alcohol gel in the First Aid Kit is used for cleaning hands in the absence of water. It prevents germs or other infections.

Skin rush cream- The cream is essential in the provision of first aid service on skin rashes. It is applied to the spot to prevent further itching or pain.

Cream or spray to relieve insect bites or sting- In cases of insect bites or sting, the spray or cream is used to relieve the pain as the victims plan to seek further treatments. Apart from relieving the pain, the cream or spray stops further spread of the infection on the body.

Thermometer- Where the body temperature is either too high or too low; the thermometers are used to create certainty. You can use the thermometer to determine the need to adjust the temperatures.

Painkillers such as panadol– For the reduction of pain, first aid providers need to have painkillers. The painkillers should be easy to administer.

Tweezers, Scissors, and shears- They should be strong enough to cut materials into pieces. They are useful in dividing pieces of cloths or bandages into more pieces. They also help in the general cutting purposes.

Whistle- Whistles are used to attract the attention of other people and to call for assistance where there is a need. It serves communication purposes in emergency cases.

Torch- Where there is no light, a torch is needed.

Sticky tapes- Used to stick bandages and any other materials that support the bandages. They exert pressure on the bandages and enhance the stoppage of bleeding.

Eyewash and eye bath- The eyewash and eye bath are essential in cleaning the eye. Where chemicals are suspected to have entered the eye, they can be used to clean and wash the eye.