Why You Should Know First Aid Techniques

If you know the right first aid technique for the right incident, you just might be able to save a precious human life. This holds particularly true whenever a person’s life is in grave danger and there is no one around to do whatever it takes to save that person. In fact, in most sudden medical emergencies such as violence or accidents, paramedics and other emergency medical technicians may be too far away to help.

In such a scenario, it is not always possible to wait for external help and you have to do something on your own, in order to make a difference. This is precisely why knowing what you should do and when you should do it is important. This knowledge can help you to keep a fellow human being alive until the real professionals take over. Let us take a look at a critically important first aid technique that can make a viable difference when the chips are down and no one else is around.

Applying a Tourniquet

Suppose you see a bad car accident and a person is bleeding rapidly from an arterial wound. Under the circumstances, you must immediately use a tourniquet to staunch the blood flow, otherwise, the victim can quickly bleed to death.

Basically, a tourniquet may be described as a tight band that can be used to stop the blood flow to and from a wound. A tourniquet should ideally be used by highly-trained first responders who have the expertise to conduct emergency first aid. This is because any complications arising from the improper application of a tourniquet might easily lead to tissue damage and even the subsequent loss of that limb.

However, if it is used properly, it can make all the difference in a life-or-death emergency as it a highly effective way to stop the bleeding. Moreover, it can help to keep the victim stable until he can be rushed to a hospital to receive proper medical attention.

Emergency scenarios that might require the use of a tourniquet include gunshot wounds, car accidents, and deep cuts or even crushed limbs. While it is extremely unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a situation that will require the use of a tourniquet, no one knows what the future holds. Therefore, whether you feel the need or not, it is best to learn how to use it. Because, after all, applying a tourniquet properly might just save someone from near certain death!


Learning how to apply a tourniquet is one of the best first aid techniques that you can learn for an emergency. However, it cannot take the place of real emergency medical services and you should get someone to call them as soon as possible.