Today, it is common to find a number of self-declared pundits loudly proclaiming the benefits of fad diets. The ‘onion’ diet, the ‘honey and water’ diet and all other ‘crash dieting’ programs are designed to help us shed all those extra pounds within a few days or weeks at most.

However, they all have one thing in common. They promote the concept of ‘yo-yo’ dieting. This means that once you leave this ‘almost impossible to follow’ diet, you will start binge eating on stuff that will actually pile on the pounds!

o   The ‘Famine Mode’

If the human body is starved of vital nutrients, it decides that famine has struck and goes into ‘starvation mode.’ This means that it actually starts hoarding the calories you consume. It does this by converting them into fat deposits. So the more you starve, the more stubbornly your body holds on to its calories and its fatty tissue. And when you get tired of the whole exercise and start eating normally. The body immediately hoards all those extra calories as well. This means that once the diet ends, you will be weighing a whole lot more than when you started.

o   Opt for a Healthy Diet

If you are really interested in gaining good health through your diet, then you have to forgo such fad diets. Always remember, there is no such thing as a quick fix. If it took you a long time to gain all that extra weight, it will probably take you longer to get rid of it.

Here, mere stop-gap measures are not enough. On the contrary, you will have to make certain holistic changes to your lifestyle. In other words, you will have to substitute your usual junk food with more substantial and wholesome food items.

It will not be easy because such stuff is rarely, if ever, as scrumptious as that chocolate and hamburger you love to have for dinner. But the benefits and nutrition you will derive from substituting sodas and ice creams with fresh fruit and green leafy vegetables are definitely worth it.

From boiled eggs to celery sticks and fresh apples, there are plenty of different ways of improving your health through your diet. In fact, food items such as lettuces, carrots, and other farm fresh products carry very few calories but can easily fill you up so that you feel completely satiated.

o   Conclusion

Ultimately, any sort of healthy eating program will depend almost entirely on your ability to sustain your lifestyle changes.  In other words, you will have to make a determined effort to sustain your new found health consciousness by resolutely turning away from unhealthy food items. In time, you will see that it is not as difficult as you may have imagined!