In case you have to rescue a person from a dire situation, it is absolutely imperative that you be well-equipped for the task at hand.

In fact, if you are not equipped for first aid, there is little you can do in an emergency situation. For example, if a person has suffered a heart failure, you will need a defibrillator to get his heart beating again. In case a man is bleeding heavily from any extremity, you will require a tourniquet to stem the bleeding and thereby save his life.

However, you might not always face a life-threatening situation. On the contrary, you might just need a few painkillers to cure a headache or fever.  Hence, your first aid kit must contain a few essential items to ensure your well-being at all times.

Following are some of the items that must be part of every first aid kit in the home or office:

o   Pain-Killing Medication

From a headache to a fracture, over the counter painkillers are the standard staple of just about every first aid kit.  They will help the victim until he is able to receive help from medical professionals.

o   Medical Thread and Needles

These items should be a mandatory part of every first aid kit if you plan on taking a trip into the wilderness. In case you fall down or are attacked by a wild animal and are miles from help, you will require stitches to take care of your wounds until you get back to civilization.

o   Disinfectant

An open would is a gateway for bacteria and other harmful germs. It is absolutely vital that you disinfect the wound as soon as possible before applying any ointment and/or bandages. This brings us to the next item that you must have if you want to be properly equipped for first aid— bandages.

o   Bandages

No first aid kit can ever be considered to be complete without a few bandage rolls and some cotton gauze. These items are absolutely essential to cover a wound and stop the blood flow while protecting it from harmful germs.

o   Anti-Nausea Medication

Such medication can come in handy if you are traveling via car or the sea. Both seasickness and carsickness are common maladies amongst many people. This problem can be addressed if you have the relevant medication in your well-equipped first aid kit.

o   First Aid Training

However, you cannot be equipped for first aid without the relevant training to use these items in the first place. For example, CPR training can help you save a precious life when medical help is not available. Similarly, you can only apply a tourniquet if you have the relevant expertise to do so.

o   Conclusion

In light of the above, we can deduce that being equipped for first aid is necessary and that it is equally important to acquire the necessary training and experience to use the equipment.