Every year, nearly thousands of individuals of different ages suffer from heart attacks. Most of the attacks occur out-of-hospital. A lot of individuals suffer from a heart attack while swimming at the beach or in pools.

That’s why it’s essential that lifeguards learn about important cardiopulmonary (CPR) skills.

Learning about CPR skills can offer various benefit if you work as a lifeguard. Here are four main benefits that show the importance of taking CPR online classes to learn about the technique.

1. Save Lives

The biggest benefit of learning about CPR is that you will be able to save lives of victims. The highly useful technique will allow you to offer immediate assistance to cardiac arrest victims. Every second counts when an individual suffers from a heart attack. When you know about CPR, you can offer immediate emergency assistance that can increase the chances of a victim surviving the attack.

While performing CPR does not guarantee that the cardiac attack victim will survive, performing the technique will greatly increase the odds of survival. Studies have shown that performing CPR increases the survival rate of the victims by as much as 40 percent.

2. Feel Empowered

Watching a person die without doing anything can make you feel miserable. When you know about CPR, you can feel empowered and can take action to save the victim. You will know what to do to ensure that the victim survives the ordeal. Even if the person dies, you can rest assured that you had done your best to revive the patient after a heart attack. In this way, the memory won’t haunt you long after the incident.

3. Provide Assurance to Others

People will feel more secure when there is a CPR trained lifeguard around. Knowing that someone could offer assistance when required will provide assurance to people. They will come to respect you and feel more secure when swimming in your presence. The feeling that others feel relaxed and safe when you are around is highly motivating and rewarding in itself.

4. Increase Employability

If you have a CPR certification, you will increase your value in the eyes of the prospective employers. If you dream of working as a coastguard at a beach or swimming pool, you should get a CPR certification to realize your dream.


People at the beach or pools can suffer a cardiac arrest at any time. Some of the causes of a cardiac arrest include electric shock, arterial defibrillation, drug overdose, allergic reaction, suffocation, choking, and drowning.

If you are not CPR trained, you should not put off learning about this essential lifesaving skill. You can take CPR classes online to learn about this essential technique. At the end of the class, you will receive a certification. Consider renewing this certification after every two years to ensure that you know the latest information about performing the emergency procedure.