Benefits of CPR certification

The numbers do not lie, right? This is usually true for the most part and will help you understand just how important for as many people as possible to have CPR certification.

According to the American health association (AHA)

  • A majority of cardiac arrest victims look and feel perfectly healthy before the attack begins.
  • Approximately 90% of all cardiac arrests happen at home or a place far from a healthcare facility, and any healthcare professional.
  • Of all the cardiac victims, only a few more than 30% get CPR from bystanders
  • When you call an ambulance, it takes between 8 and 12 minutes for it to arrive.
  • Bystander CPR could increase the victim’s chance of survival by as much as 300.
  • Once you get a cardiac arrest attack, it takes about 4 minutes for brain death to begin. If you do not get medical help within 10 minutes, you are most likely to die.
  • One out of 7 deaths in America is due to heart disease.

What is CPR?

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a first aid technique that is administered to a person whose breathing has stopped. CPR helps with the flow of blood to other parts of the body to prevent damage of organs and to keep the patient alive.

The most common CPR technique is chest compressions. To administer it, you can follow the following procedure.

  • First, make sure the person is on his or her back on a firm surface.
  • Kneel next to the person’s neck and shoulders.
  • Take the heel of one of your hands and place it over the center of the person’s chest, between the nipples. Place your other hand on top of the first hand.
  • Using your upper body weight push straight down on the chest at least 2 inches but not more than 2.4 inches. Push hard at a rate of 100 to 120 compressions a minute.

Why is CPR so important?

CPR is a lifesaving first aid technique and is simple enough foot anyone to learn.

But why should you learn it?

· It helps you save lives

As per the statistics above, only 30% of cardiac arrest victims get help from bystanders. This is mostly due to the fact the bystanders do not know what to do or have forgotten the exact technique.

If you get CPR training and have the knowledge, you will be a big part of helping raise that percentage and save lots of lives.

· You will no longer be helpless when your loved one suffers a cardiac arrest

1 out of 7 deaths in America results from heart problems. Most of these deaths are also as a result of medical assistance taking too long to arrive. Most family members are helpless and watch as life ebbs out of their loved one.

With CPR training, you can prevent your loved ones from being a statistic by being there to keep them alive as help comes.

· It is easy to learn

CPR is not a medical degree that takes years and a lot of effort to learn. All it needs is a few days of your time and a few practice sessions, and you can even get it online. This alone should encourage you to learn it as its benefits exceed the effort you put in by far.

where can you get CPR certification?

It is the glorious age of the internet, and you can get anything online, including CPR certification. Many sites can give you, but as with anything online you have to do your due diligence and stay safe. Do not give your money to anyone before being sure they are legit.

One of the places you can get proper CPR certification is at the American Academy of CPR and First Aid.

What do you look for in an online CPR certification course?

Like with any other course, when you are choosing a CPR certification course, it is critical for you to find one that caters to all your needs.

So what are some of the things you should look for in an online CPR certification course?

·Will there be a timer on your course or exam?

A majority of the time, there will be no limit on how long you can take on your course. Flexibility is one of the reasons why online certification or recertification have become very popular. You will have the opportunity to work at your own pace as it fits your schedule.

· Will you be allowed to re-sit the test?

Sometimes, you may not pass the test on the first trial. Some websites will allow you to repeat the exams without paying more. Other sites will not have this allowance. This should be something you should confirm before taking an online CPR certification course.

· How long will it take for my physical provider card to arrive?

Different websites have different policies regarding how long they will take to deliver your card. You should choose a site that takes a short time or provides you an alternative document for you to use before you get the physical card. If you can print one from the website, the better.

· Will your employer accept the card?

If you are taking the CPR certification course for your job, you should first ask your employer if the accept the certification from the online course of your choice.

· Does the training website offer the CPR certification you are looking for?

As we have seen above, CPR is multi-faceted. There are several certifications under the CPR umbrella. If you are looking for specific training, it is critical that you ensure the course is among those that your chosen website provides.

· Does the website have good reviews?

Word of mouth is the best form of marketing in the real world, but in the virtual world, reviews tell the whole story. Whether the website you have chosen has a good or bad reputation, there are reviews that tell the rest of the story. Make sure you read reviews that are outside of the website. They will enable you to make the right decision.

Advantages of CPR certification

We all know that the case for CPR is strong, but how about the case for CPR certification?

Let’s get into why you should have it.

·The trainers are trained professionals

There are many places including online videos where you may learn CPR. But getting you CPR certification ensures you get trained by people who know what they are doing. People with expertise and who will help grasp the concepts faster.

· It saves you time

If you decided to dig for information on your own, you might get some, but some of it may elude you. Additionally, it may take lots of hours for you to gather what you may consider enough information.

Anonline CPR certification course, on the other hand, is put together by experienced people who know what you need and how it will be easy for you to consume. On top of that, if you have a question or clarification, you get an answer on the spot.

· Employers will be impressed

As time goes by, employers are trying to do all they can to make their work environments safe and conducive. Listing CPR as a skill my set you apart from the pack as they are also looking for that extra something. You may impress them so much that you are the only one who gets to the finish line.

· Empowerment and confidence at the scene of an emergency

Most go into panic mode when there is an emergency and it a typical human response. Even when you have watched a million videos on how to administer CPR, you may still feel ambushed.

But if you have received CPR certification, it means the training was rigorous, and you can remain confident in crisis. You are also more empowered by your newfound abilities.

Final thoughts

Heart disease is an epidemic. There are more and more people dying senselessly as these deaths could be avoided if bystanders had CPR knowledge.

CPR training and certification equips the holder with not only the lifesaving skills but also with also the confidence to tackle emergency situations.

If you haven’t considered undertaking CPR training, now is a good time to start. Who knows, you could save someone you love.