Whether your goal is to maintain your weight or lose those troublesome extra pounds, following these simple, everyday health hacks will make you look and feel a whole lot better.

Staircases and Long-Distance Parking Options

Stairways are widely considered to be the most underrated aspect of any exercise workout. If you can’t go to the gym regularly, you might be able to find the time to use the staircase rather than the elevator. 

Even two minutes of climbing activity may potentially burn off 25-30 calories. Elevators, on the other hand, don’t burn off anything at all.

Similarly, parking a few blocks block away from your destination means a brisk walk at the beginning and at the end of your workday. This means you are burning off a few calories without any great effort on your part. 

Just Say No to ‘All’ Sugary Drinks

The average glass of any cola drink contains at least 200 calories. Drinking Cola every day will not only increase your weight, but it may also lead to lifelong diabetes problem.

Drinking water is the ideal substitute for such drinks. In case you don’t like drinking pure fresh water, then you may squeeze a pinch of lemon in it.  It may be hard initially, but with the passage of time, your body will easily get used to it and your sweet cravings will gradually taper off.

Follow the ‘Scheherazade Principle’

Remember how the storyteller in “Thousand and One Arabian Nights’’ never completed the story to keep the King engrossed?  Follow the same principle to keep your interest in exercising. Buy an audio book and make a stern commitment to yourself that you will only listen to it when you are working out at the local gym. You should stop the workout just when you hit the most suspenseful part. This way your audiobook will effectively ensure that you go to the gym regularly.

Grill Rather Than Fry Your Food

Fried food is one of the most scrumptious ways of cooking a meal. Unfortunately, deep fried stuff packs a wallop in the calories department. The more fried food you eat, the higher your calorie intake. This is one of the main factors that lead to excessive weight gain in the developed world. Furthermore, all that oil and grease clog up your veins and arteries and make you more susceptible to heart diseases. 


These health hacks may not give instantaneous results, but they will certainly help you figure out how you can go about living a healthy lifestyle so that you remain trim and healthy throughout your life.