One of the most critical lifesaving skills that can help save the life of another person is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Using the technique will allow you to save the life of victims who have suffered from a heart attack.

You can learn about CPR first aid technique through an online class. Once you have obtained a certification by learning about CPR, it’s critical that you constantly renew the license at regular intervals.

But how often should you renew your CPR? You should continue reading this article to find out the answer.

CPR Renewal: How Often Should You Renew the Certification?

Memories fade with the passage of time. You need to refresh the learned material otherwise you will forget the correct procedure to perform CPR. The more the time since you last learned about the technique, the greater the chances you will have forgotten some important detail.

By renewing your CPR certification, you will always know about the latest and correct method to perform the emergency procedure. This will result in a greater chance that you revive a victim in case of a heart attack.

How regularly should you renew your certification depends on different factors. If you work in a healthcare profession, CPR renewal be done after every 2 years. EMTs and lifeguards should renew the certification even earlier. At no time should you wait more than 3 years to renew your CPR certification.

Why is Renewing CPR Certification Important?

Renewing CPR certification is essential for many reasons. If you work in a medical field, you may be required to renew the certification as part of a job requirement. Also, renewing the certification will ensure that you react immediately and provide CPR accurately thereby raising the chances of a survival for the victim.

CPR that is not used will start to deteriorate after about six months of the first training. If you constantly renew the certificate, it will ensure that you always know the latest and full procedure to perform the lifesaving skill correctly.

Lastly, CPR techniques are always evolving. Increasing number of research is being done that leads to new discoveries for a more effective procedure. Renewing the CPR certification will ensure that you know the correct procedure for performing the technique.


CPR is useful for everyone irrespective of the profession. Both medical and nonmedical staff can benefit from learning about the technique. With an online CPR class staying current about the latest CPR technique is easy. Online CPR classes allow you to learn about the essential life-saving skill from the comfort of your own home.

You should consider renewing the certification after every two years. This will ensure that you know about the latest technique that can help in reviving a patient who has suffered a heart attack. Considering the benefits of renewing the certification, the renewal cost is insignificant.