CPR might just be one of the most underrated medical procedures. Knowledge of CPR may mean the difference between life and death, but most people don’t seem to realize this. In a country such as the United States alone, there are 383,000 cases of cardiac arrest that occur suddenly outside the hospital. Most of the time, this happens in homes but what most people don’t know is that CPR when done effectively can double or triple the chances that the victim of the cardiac arrest will survive. Considering the number of people who die each year from cardiac arrest, this is a very good statistic.

CPR as taught by Zombies

CPR is a simple medical procedure that anybody with just a little bit of knowledge can perform. Training, though advisable, is not even necessary for one to be able to perform CPR effectively. Most people don’t have any knowledge on how to perform this simple medical procedure. There are many places where training of CPR is offered free of charge, but most people still haven’t taken the time to learn how to do it. Sometimes the hardest thing in teaching is finding a way of reaching out to person that is appealing to them.

This is why the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada came with the brilliant idea of using the undead to teach people how to perform the lifesaving procedure. The brilliance of this idea is in cashing in on the zombie craze that has been hitting the web for a while now. There is also the issue of Halloween, which is just a few days away. Right now, nothing can reach out to people unless it can effectively carry the idea of Halloween in it. Zombies are a major attraction when it comes to Halloween, and this ad will undoubtedly be a major hit.

Analysis of the Ad

As far as the ad is concerned, this isn’t just another cheap ad that is hoping to cash in on Halloween as a platform for sending out a message. The ad is in every sense scary. To somebody who hasn’t seen the ad before, the first one and a half minute will seem like the beginning of a great zombie movie with a good budget. Some people will actually argue that the ad itself may end up sending people into cardiac arrest. As far as ads go this is definitely top-notch, and it will definitely get people’s attention.

It will be a good idea, if people see the ad for more than just the entertainment value. Death as a result of cardiac arrest is as serious as any death from a zombie apocalypse could be. It’s probably more serious because everyday people die due to this condition. The idea that saving a life could be the result of a few minutes of paying attention only makes it worse that there are people out there who have not yet learnt CPR. Take the time to learn CPR today because you could be the difference between life and death for somebody else.