Majority of heart attacks occur out of the hospital. Around 70 percent of all cardiac arrests occur at home. With a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training, you will be able to take critical actions that can help save the life of the heart attack victim. There are many different methods of performing CPR. One method that we will discuss in this article is HOCPR.

What Exactly is HOCPR?

HOCPR is the acronym of hands-only CPR. The technique can be performed by an individual without the use of any specialized equipment. Performing HOCPR can help keep the blood circulating inside the body. This will prove critical in ensuring that the patient does not incur permanent organ damage due to lack of oxygenated blood supply during the heart failure.

One way HOCPR is different from CPR is that it does not involve mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. So, the technique is not suitable for drowning victims. Moreover, it does not involve the use of an artificial defibrillator.

The Importance of Learning about HOCPR

HOCPR can be learned by anyone irrespective of whether the person has a medical background. Moreover, both adults and teens can easily learn about CPR. Even children can be taught how to perform the technique. It takes very little time to learn about how to perform HOCPR. Learning about the technique is worth it in the end as it can help save lives of heart attack victims.

The reality is that a heart attack can occur out of the bloom. There is no knowing when a person may experience a heart attack. So, it is necessary that the immediate family members of a heart attack victim learn about how to perform HOCPR.

Learning about HOCPR will not just help you save the life of your loved one, it will also help you to assist a stranger who has a heart attack when outside. You won’t feel helpless watching a person suffer a heart attack. You can act immediately and offer the required assistance that can help save life of the person. Every second counts after a person has a heart attack. The sooner the assistance is provided to the victim, the greater are the chances of a survival.

How to Learn About HOCPR?

The best thing about HOCPR is that it can be performed without much effort. The technique can be learned easily by enrolling in a CPR certification online course. Taking the CPR classes online will allow you to learn how to perform HOCPR. The instructor in the online demo video will show how to correctly perform HOCPR and also what precautions to take when performing the activity.

The benefit of learning about HOCPR online is that you don’t have to allocate time from your busy schedule to take a class. You can watch demo videos anytime you wish at your own pace that feels comfortable to you.