You can never go wrong with having CPR training. It is an essential skill of first aid and can save many lives. You can never predict when cardiac arrest might strike and require immediate intervention.

The number of out of hospital cardiac arrests exceeds 350,000 and fatality rates are 90%. Such needless loss of life can be easily prevented with online CPR certifications. Everyone should get online CPR certifications due to their utility and convenience.

People often have misconceptions about online certifications. This is due to them being recent offerings and the fact that so many places are offering them. This justifiably raises many suspicions and questions about their validity and legality.

Common Questions About Online CPR Certification

These commonly asked questions about CPR certifications will be answered below. So check them out and consider whether you want to receive one.

Should You Get an Online CPR Certification?

You should definitely try to get a certification. CPR is the most essential first aid skill to learn. The ability to administer CPR to anyone, anywhere is a great boon for all of society.

You will be benefitting yourself too since CPR training makes you smarter, improves your dexterity, and adds to your professional profile. Online CPR certifications, in particular, are convenient and more accessible than classroom training.

What Is the Difficulty of Online CPR Training?

Many people are concerned about the supposed difficulty of online programs. They think that foregoing a traditional classroom will disadvantage them. This notion cannot be more wrong.

Online CPR learning is easier in some respects. You can manage learning material at your own pace instead of with the class. You can also access your material anytime you choose instead of having to attend classes at specific times.

How Is It Different from a Classroom-based Course?

Classroom instruction has the benefit of practical demonstrations and instructions. You will learn to practice your technique on dummies or test subjects. Some people are hesitant to choose online certifications because of the lack of this practical element.

That should not be a big concern, however, since CPR is a very simple technique once you learn the basics. It is not necessary to practice on a dummy with the depth of video and training materials today. Chances are even without practical training, you will successfully perform CPR should the situation call for it.

Will It Cost a Lot?

Online training courses can often cost a pretty penny. That is not one concern, however, which you should not have for online CPR training. In a bid to encourage it as much as possible, CPR training is usually very cheap.

You don’t even have to pay until you clear your exam and get the certification. You can study along with a course to get the basic skill and not take the test. You also save on transportation costs of going to classes.


Securing an online CPR certification is quite easy. The variety of training options available mean you can craft a program around your schedule and needs. You will not only add a valued skill to your abilities but benefit the society as well.