The modern sedentary lifestyle has bought with it a number of health-related problems. Those of us who are glued to our chairs from 9 to 5 and eat nothing but junk food are in danger of losing our health.

Most people resort to crash diets to lose those troublesome extra pounds. However, fad diets are very dangerous because not only can you regain all the lost weight but you can actually gain more than you have lost.

This is due to the nature of ‘yo-yo’ dieting.  The body thinks that there is a famine going on and goes into full ‘starvation’ mode. This means that it starts hoarding up calories in the form of fats. And the minute you start eating normally, you start regaining all that lost weight.

Under the circumstances, the best option is to opt for a complete lifestyle change. You will have to incorporate elements of light exercise along with raw will power in order to ensure that you are able to meet and keep your fitness goals. 

o    Decrease Your Portion Size

The body takes time to understand that it is full. And all this time we continue to chomp happily, even if we no longer need all that excess food.  However, decreasing your portion size can easily make a lot of difference here. Instead of heaping up the plate, you can make more trips to the fridge or the kitchen. The time it will take you to finish one portion and start on another one will be sufficient to allow your body to send satiety signals to your brain.

o   Cultivate The Walking Habit

Walking does not require any expensive equipment or gym memberships. You leave your house and just start walking. That’s it.  If you can’t walk to and back from work, you can certainly try using the staircase. Walk while running errands at the nearest grocery store, instead of hopping in your SUV. 

o   Don’t Be Stingy with Regard to Your Sleeping Patterns

Sure, it is tempting to relegate sleep to the back-burner while you binge watch that Netflix series or work extra hours at the office. However, losing sleep comes at a steep price. Not only will you suffer from a lack of concentration and a lot of lethargy but, at the same time, it will get difficult to lose weight in the long term.  Furthermore, lack of sleep will lead to premature aging and other problems as well.

o   Conclusion

The above healthy life habits can easily help you make sure that you are always looking and feeling great. However, these are not stop-gap measures but rather you should adopt them as part and parcel of your daily life.