Did you know that lives of hundreds of people could be saved each year if the victims are given first aid treatment on time?

Being able to provide medical treatment doesn’t just save others, it is also closely linked with behavioral improvement due to the compassion exhibited to others. Just think about the amount of good that can be achieved if bystanders on a scene stepped forward to save those in need.

Medical Situations You can Treat Using First Aid Techniques

We will look at the best first aid techniques that you can use to become highly proficient in treating a patient.

Cardiac Arrest

This is the most common situation where a first aid technique might come in handy. It is carried out to ensure continued flow of oxygen to the brain and allow the heart to continue pumping blood.

For those of us who are not yet trained to perform the CPR, we can simply use an automated external defibrillator (AED) to bring a person back to life.

Bleeding Cases

The second important scenario is bleeding which commonly occurs due to an injury, trauma or accident. Mild bleeding comes to a stop on its own, but other forms can lead to shock and even death.

The simplest way to stop bleeding is to apply pressure on the affected area with a bandage or gauze to allow the clots to form. Stopping the bleeding is not easy but it could easily be learned through an online CPR course.


A broken bone or a fracture can be temporarily treated until an x-ray determines severity of the injury. In order to observe absolute caution so as to not aggravate the affected area it is advisable to treat every fracture as a broken bone.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that no attempts should be made to straighten the bone. However, you can add some padding to the side of the bone to stabilize the affected area.


Smaller burns can be treated with running water for several minutes but not with ice. It is important to note that no oily ointments should be applied to the wound. The first and foremost step with regard to treating burns is by removing the chemical or object that is causing it. Similar is the case with sunburn victims, who need to be immediately taken into a cover.


Nosebleeds are yet another common situation that can be dealt with using first aid techniques. The most important measure with a patient of nosebleed is that they should be kept in a position where their head leans forward, not backwards. The second step is to hold the nose just below the bridge for a few minutes until the bleeding stops.


The aforementioned techniques can help deliver the right first aid to those in need. Remember, the sooner treatment is provided, the greater are the chances of recovery.