Today’s lifestyle is not conducive to healthy living. Did you know that annually, obesity causes around 300,000 premature deaths in the United States alone? In fact, according to the CDC, the number of overweight adults has reached a staggering number in the country. Almost close to 71.6% of the population over the age of 20 is overweight in the United States.

It is easy to gain a few pounds when your diet is not balanced. Carrying this excessive weight has negative effects on various organs of the body. If uncontrolled, weight gain turns to obesity, which results in diabetes, chronic heart disease, high blood pressure and self-esteem issues.

However, it is possible to reverse weight gain and improve your health through your diet.

Diets to Improve Your Health

Here are some healthy diets to consider if you are planning to improve your health:

Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is gaining popularity nowadays as it helps to lower the risk of heart disease. Comprising of nutritious vegetables, seafood, wholesome nuts and healthy fats such as olive oil, it is the perfect diet to improve your health and increase your life span.

The diet is rich in antioxidants and healthy fatty acids. The food in this diet is also not overcooked; hence, it retains its nutritional value. The nutritionally dense ingredients help to control cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart problems.

Hunza Diet

This diet consists of low calorie but nutritionally dense food that is rich in complex carbohydrates. Additionally, the food is free from sugary and processed food and is eaten in its organic form.

The diet uses apricot oil extensively and nuts, seeds, vegetables, probiotics and fresh fruits make up most of the diet. Meat is consumed only on rare occasions.


The Dash diet, also known as dietary approaches to stop hypertension, involves limiting food portions and switching to nutritiously rich foods. This diet reduces stress, depression and hypertension.

The diet also reduces the chances of developing diabetes. A daily list of ingredients includes foods such as whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and white meat.

The diet even limits the intake of sugary sweets, sodium and fatty red meats. For the best results, include 30 minutes of aerobics in your routine.

Weight Watchers Diet

This diet was initially designed to help overweight people lose extra pounds. The diet consists of nutritious foods and instead of eliminating a certain food group, it attaches a point system to various types of foods.

This diet is known to help reduce weight and decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease and symptoms of hypertension that are related to excessive weight gain.


Eating healthy food is essential if you want to lead a healthy life. Pairing exercise with a healthy diet will enhance your life and keep devastating diseases at bay. Remember to add fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables in your diet.  Also, ensure to cut down on alcohol, processed foods and sugar-laden sweets. In time, you will feel energized and your body will feel great.