Do you want to live a healthy life?

If yes, then there are some habits that you must quit. Quitting these will give your life a major upgrade. You will not only be healthy but also happy and satisfied. These bad habits take a toll on your health and wellbeing and it is best to quit them before it’s too late.

Habits for a Healthy Life

So, what are these habits you must quit for living a healthy life? Here’s a list of them. Some of them will actually surprise you!

Drinking Too Much Coffee

But you need coffee to wake up and work!

While it is alright to have a cup of coffee every day, going overboard with it will actually harm your insides. Moderation is the key here. Too much caffeine in the body will make you addicted to it. And you will fail to function properly unless you’ve put it in your system.

Too much caffeine not only leads to high stress levels but can also mess up your sleeping pattern. Lack of sleep leads to a whole lot of other problems and will ultimately devastate your health. While we don’t ask you to quit having coffee, just take it in moderation and you will be fine.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Consuming more than three drinks a day counts in overdrinking. For women, it is two or more drinks. Too much alcohol in your body can cause serious damage to your liver. It also leads to brittle bones, memory loss, heart diseases and cancer. And this is in addition to the social problems you and those around you face when you are drunk all the time.

Thus, it is advised that you should quit drinking too much alcohol. Have some drinks occasionally but don’t make it a habit to the extent that you find it difficult to survive without alcohol.

Popping Too Many Pills

If you are one of those people who pop a pill for even the slightest of a headache or upset stomach, then you need to change this habit. Too many painkillers and other medicines can lead to serious damage to your body. It not only affects you physically but also damages your nervous system.

Many people get addicted to painkillers which leads to serious health issues. It can also damage your vital organs so much that it can lead to death. Do not take any medication without consulting with your doctor first. Don’t take extra dosages just because you think it will help you.


These were just some of the many bad habits that you need to work on for living a healthy life. Small changes in our routine can make a huge difference in our health and wellbeing. Being healthy and happy requires you to make some efforts.

Quit the above-mentioned habits and you will see your health improving. It will also have a positive effect on your mood and the people around you will notice it too.