Providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on time can triple the chances of a person surviving a heart attack. However, the importance of providing CPR training to the employees is often overlooked in organizations. While most corporations provide training to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents on the job, CPR training is usually not considered.

However, the reality is that CPR training to employees is vital. Of the 220,000 heart attacks that occur every year in the US, around 4-5 percent happen at work, according to the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

Providing CPR training to the employees can offer various benefits. Here are three main benefits of offering first aid and CPR training to the employees.

1. Save Precious Lives

Providing CPR online training to the employees can allow them to know about the proper procedure for assisting victims of heart attack patients. They will know about the correct knowledge for carrying out emergency situations. The employees will learn about how to handle medical emergencies at the workplace without panicking.

2. Gain Confidence

By learning about the CPR, employees will not feel afraid in case someone suffers from a heart attack. They will become more confident in handling emergency situations. It will allow them to provide timely assistance to the heart attack victim saving the life of the co-workers.

When employees are confident in performing CPR, it will help them to easily manage the emergency. Training offers the vital knowledge

3. Boost Employee Morale

An important component of employee productivity is the morale.  When the morale is high, the team productivity increases. Providing CPR training to the employees will give the indication that the company is concerned about their welfare. Ensuring health and safety environment will ultimately lead to enhanced wellbeing resulting in the improved morale of the employees.

What’s Involved in a CPR Training Course?

A CPR training course teaches the correct techniques to assist a heart attack victim. The course informs how to keep the blood flowing in a cardiac arrest victim. The employees will know when CPR should be performed. They will know about the symptoms of the cardiac arrest when they should perform CPR.

With CPR training, the employees will gain the necessary skills that are required to keep a person alive in case of a cardiac arrest. The best way to train the employees is through an online CPR class. Of the different benefits, the main benefit of online training includes the freedom and flexibility to complete the course at the time that is most convenient.

At the end of the course, employees will receive a CPR card. The CPR certification card will serve as a proof that the employee knows how to assist a cardiac arrest victim. Regular CPR recertification will ensure that the employee knows about the latest information relating to performing CPR.

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