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Homes without Dishwasher have Kids with Less Allergies


Date: September 8th, 2016

Hygiene Hypothesis

This hypothesis suggests that children who grow up in too clean of an environment do not develop the natural antibodies they need so they are more prone to becoming allergic to common bacteria. These children are supposedly more susceptible to microorganisms because they have never been exposed to common bacteria that would have promoted their own antibody growth.
A home that is too clean is one that uses nothing but antibacterial soaps, detergents, and cleaning agents. The children from these homes do not play with animals, they do not play in bare-feet, and they are not generally allowed to get dirty.

Heart Protection after Cardiac Episodes from Omega-3


Date: September 7th, 2016

Heart Attack Facts

About 720,000 people in the United States will have a heart attack this year. Once a person has a heart attack their heart is capable of reorganizing itself so that it can maintain function, or in some cases improve function. Many people have hearts that undergo adverse changes after the cardiac arrest episode. These hearts may include an enlargement of the muscle. An enlarged heart will have a decreased ability to pump blood throughout the body. The added strain on the heart muscle will make it work harder and can cause people to suffer from arrhythmias for the rest of their life, or in worst case scenarios it can cause people to experience heart failure.

Heart-on-a-Chip” may replace Drug Testing on Animals


Date: September 6th, 2016

Drug Testing Statistics

When a company decides to develop a new drug, they must be prepared to spend about five billion dollars to develop the medication. More than half of that money will be spent in the initial research and development of the medication. A large number of drugs are tested on animals before they are tested on humans because animal lives are not considered to be as valuable as human life.

FDA says ResQCPR is Safe for Cardiac Arrest Patients


Date: September 5th, 2016

This is a new system to be used to help re-start the hearts of patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest. The system is made up of two devices that are used simultaneously by rescue personnel.

ResQPump Active Compression Decompression CPR Device

The first part of the system is a device that attaches to the chest of the patient. This device allows the first responder to perform chest compressions easier. The little device has two handles and when the responder pushes down on the device, it compresses the chest and when they lift up on the handles, the chest is decompressed. The device was designed to make chest compression easier, and to leave the patient with fewer traumas due to the chest compression. This device is called “the ResQPump Active Compression/Decompression Device”.

Indicators of Possible Postsurgical Pain for Children


Date: September 4th, 2016

The Study Group

The children that participated in the study were between the ages of ten and eighteen with the most common age being fourteen. Each child had one parent or guardian participate with them. Most of the children came from homes that had an average income of $55,000. The majority of the participants were female ad the majority of the parents who participated were also female.

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