Overdoses, Suicide and other drugs related problems in USWhy use of alcohol?

For many people, alcohol helps to alleviate stress. Coming back to the truth, alcohol can make one do so many mistakes unknowingly. Taking medication and alcohol is one way that most people succeed taking their own lives, unknowingly.

According to research basing on young adults and teens, most of the deaths are known to be caused by drug over dose. The research was conducted by National-Health Institute, based in United States of America.

According to a research led by White M. Aaron, basing on the suicides that were related to over-doses, found out that also alcohol played a vital role too in the suicides. This was a research that looked at the young men and women together with the teenagers. Aaron is located at the Epidemiology and prevention center of research located at the National-Institute that deals with Alcohol and abuse situated in Bethesda. He is also an MD.

Overdosing and its effects

Overdosing is known to be the greatest and most successful format that most young people use to kill themselves. This is majorly used by the females and only a third of the males opt for this as a method of taking their lives.

The research was done from the year 1999 to 2008. In the year 2008, the numbers of kids who were hospitalized due to drug overdose attempts summed up to 14,615. The kids were between ages 12 and 17. A percentage of 72 were known to be related to suicide.


43 Million dollars was the amount of money that was used in catering for the hospitalized. It was known that their body systems had a percentage of 8 of alcohol and out of the 8, 7 were related to suicide attempts.

The hospitalization for drug-overdose reduced by a percentage of 17 and suicides related to drugs 16. As the two were decreasing, alcohol use increased with a percentage of 5. All these were observed from the beginning of the research year to 2008.

32,471 young people aged 18 to 24 were hospitalized and a percentage of 64 were related to suicide.

During the years of research, the usage of drugs did increase by 30%, despite being related not to suicide rather to just overdose.

The most commonly used O-C-T drugs related to the overdoses were acetaminophen and ibuprofen which were at a percentage of 51. Antidepressants were also related to the overdoses and took a percentage of 17. This was observed in the teenagers.

In the young men and women [young adults] the most common O-C-T drugs used were the pain relievers (42%) and sedatives (25%).

Klonopin, Xanax and Valium known as Benzodiapenes do qualify as tranquilizers too.

In the year 2008, the U.S government used a total of 109.7 Million dollars to pay the bills of these young people.

According to research, lifestyle issues were not a cause of any of the deaths. It only majored on the overdose.

Short term alcohol use was known to take the lead in suicidal attempts whereas the long term did not seem to have so many effects on these kinds of people. The short term is known to intoxicate the system and likely to push these people to trying to commit suicide above 80 times.

According to the researchers, the overdose patients should be keenly taken care of and psychotherapy to be administered to after they were discharged from hospital.

Dr. Wen Leana, approved that when taken together, medication and drugs can lead to death. This was according to the research conducted on these young men and women. Dr. Leana is both a clinical lady and a doctor dealing with emergency cases at Brigham Massachusetts and women’s hospital. She however did not participate in the study.

The research findings were written in ‘Suicide and Life- Threatening Behavior’ April issue.

There was no funding that was gotten from outside in the Health Institute study. To add on that there were not even one conflict that came up as a result of interest.