The number of people in the U.S who exercise to keep their body fit is large. Unfortunately, most of them tend to sway off from recommended workout plans.

Exercise routines amongst adults in the U.S

Statistics from the government indicate that an alarming percentage of people exercising rarely adhere to physical activity guidelines. This was actually the case for various workout activities such as gym practice and aerobics.

Under normal circumstances, the workout guidelines recommend that a person exercise should indulge in at least 2½ hrs of average aerobics. This includes jogging or walking casually. It was noted that a shocking 79% of adults working out didn’t follow these rules and recommendations. On top of that, the workout guideline also advised that adults make full use of muscle-strengthening workout plans that include sit-ups, frog jumps or pushups. They could even use modern training tools such as weights and elastic bands. This is considered the most effective way of developing the human muscles without straining or wearing them out. The guidelines emphasized on partaking in such activities at least twice a week.

There is a study that revealed that adults are not as active as recent surveys indicated. The research was done by professionals from the NCI (National cancer Institute). Their findings show that less than 5% of the adult populations in the U.S actually indulge in any exercise plan for at least half an hour. 450,000 people aged 18 yrs and above were sampled in the study and the results were as follows

  •  Adults who believed that they were sticking to recommended workout routines – 52%
  •  Adults who actually adhered to workout routines – 21%
  • Adults assuming to meet workout recommendations – 27%

The study also brought to light the fact that majority of the people who failed to adhere to the recommended workout guidelines were mostly old adults, obese people, Hispanics and women.

According to Carmen Harris, an epidemiologist, the data displayed what everybody needed to see in order to be enlightened. She added that the same data will be used to help people who have been working out and getting no results simply because they never used the guidelines.

Advantages of meeting recommended workout routines

The benefits of following up on such guidelines are enormous. Not only will you stay healthy and fit, but you’ll also reduce the chances of dying early. You’ll also maintain your weight and lower the chances of contracting any heart ailments by a very huge margin. Other benefits you stand to gain from adhering to recommended workout plans includes lowering depression, reducing the risk of contracting selected types of cancer, stroke and diabetes. Your hip will be stronger as a result of all this meaning that chances of you getting a hip fracture will decline immensely.

The best way to adhere to recommended workout plans includes

  • Riding a bicycle for 30 minutes three times a week.
  • 30 minutes of running and indulging in aerobics every day. You can add some pushup or a brisk walk to that plan.
  • Lift weights within your category. Always inquire with the gym instructor about this.