Women with type 2 diabetes are at risk

If the woman has type 2 diabetes, they are more prone to coronary heart disease than men; this is according to the American Heart Association. Those with diabetes are more at risk of having a heart disease and then there is a previous study wherein they have discovered that women with diabetes have a dramatic increase of the possibility in developing a cardio problem when compared to men. In the report of the American Heart Association that was published in the circulation journal, they have claimed that women with type 2 diabetes may need to take more precautionary measures to lower the risk of having a heart attack or stroke. This includes being engaged in a faster and very intense physical activity, thus eating a healthy balanced diet can help. It can actually make a bigger change, especially in terms of controlling the possibilities of developing a heart disease.

The rates are better for men than for women

According to the statement, those with type 2 diabetes are more likely to have heart attacks than men, more at risk of dying after the first heart attack, less likely to have their blood pressure uncontrolled than men and less likely to go through procedures like open blocked arteries like angioplasty etc.  The association also showed a report that the black along with the Hispanic women with type 2 diabetes are more prone to coronary heart disease than men. Moreover, women allegedly develop type 2 diabetes based on the variety of sex, like the polycystic ovary syndrome or gestational diabetes. According to Dr. Regensteiner, cardio disease might be more deadly for women than in men with type 2 diabetes.

Even if we cannot truly comprehend how the inherent hormonal dissimilarities between men and women affect the possibility, we just know for a fact that some of the risk factors for heart disease and stroke may affect women differently than men and there are also dissimilarities of how these risks will be treated.  To boost the health quality in women and men with diabetes, we need to fully comprehend and to improve the biological reasons for the dissimilarities and also to better control cardio risk factors in both men and women.  The AHA truly acknowledged that more studies are needed to know why women with type 2 diabetes react differently to some of the medicines given, why they are at a higher risk than men and why there are certain ethnicities mentioned to have the higher possibilities of developing the disease.