According to health news just in November 19, women with congenital heart ailments are less prone to risk for heart related complications every time they give birth. This was according to a new study conducted just recently. The researchers have analyzed the data coming from the 2.7M women who gave birth in California, but this data doesn’t include the 3,200 people who had congenital heart disease & the 248 of which with complex congenital heart ailment. This means that the condition was more progressive and they have had a heart surgery when they were still kids.

About congenital heart disease

Congenital heart disease happens when there is a problem with the structure of the heart at birth. In the very newest study, the rates of people with heart failure, rhythm problems of the heart and heart attack were low for the 3 groups of ladies and the mortality rates were not high for those with the complex congenital heart disease according to the writer of the report.  The researchers have found out that C section deliveries were conducted in 27% of women with complex congenital heart disease compared with the 40% of women with non-complex congenital heart disease, while 33% of which do not have heart problems.

To add up to that, the hospital stay after giving birth is no longer needed anymore, an average woman with complex heart disease may be asked to stay there for 5 days only compared with those with non-complex congenital heart disease, since they will be asked to stay for 2-4 days, while those without heart problems will be asked to stay in the hospital for 2 ½ days. This study was presented in on Tuesday at the American Heart Association or AHA yearly meeting held in Chicago. The data and the final assessment of the research were presented at the meetings and it will be viewed initially until published in a peer reviewed journal.

Discovering the risk of complications

They were pleased to discover the risk of the complications that are not as high as anticipated in women with congenital heart disease. Though people cannot really tell why women have to stay longer in a hospital, it is really possible for the doctors to keep them admitted for better assessment of their condition. On the other hand, the study conducted didn’t address the maternal health of those with congenital heart disease during the pregnancy or the postpartum and it will also take a look at the fatal health of the patient during pregnancy. This data will enable people to see the links, but it doesn’t suggest any cause and effect at all.