The help that the computer based app can provide

There was a new computer based test that may also be able to determine the risk of the person to have dementia in the future, through simple analyzation information the family physicians during the routine visits to the doctor, this is according to a new study suggested by a Britain doctor. The researchers coming from a university in London have developed an algorithm that uses the medical data to know the 5 year danger of having dementia, this is according to a report made in January of this year and it was posted in the journal of the Bio Med Central.  The algorithm actually assesses some of the factors such as the age, the social interaction, BMI, smoking, sex and others according to the study. They have also included some factors like hypertension, stroke, diabetes, irregular heartbeat, aspirin and other. 

Some factors that must be considered about the dementia test

They have chosen the specific factors like the other research and it has been shown in some of the people that they can be associated with the boosted danger of dementia. This is according to the researcher conducted by Walters. She is the director of the Center for Ageing & Population Studies at the University College London. They have written a simple program to compute the score.  The Dementia Risk Score has proven its accuracy when the researchers were able to assess the records of patients within the age bracket of 60-79 years old. This is according to Walters.  However, it wasn’t accurate for arbitrating the risk of dementia danger by the age of 80 or more; this is because when they have reached the age in the study, the danger of having dementia is quite high, she added. They are however not suggesting it for people ages 80 years and more, however, it is possibly useful for those who are at age 60-79 years old.

The test may help in easing the minds of the people who are at lower risk for having dementia. They give an advanced warning to those with a lifestyle option and they are at a higher risk. The score is quite good in showing when someone is at low risk of being detected with dementia and this may help in reassuring the people who are so much worried about it, she added.  Those with a high score may help in addressing the risk through some activities that were shown to help in the improvement of in keeping the memory. That may include eating healthy foods, doing some exercise activities, socially active, completing memory game and in going to the doctor religiously for regular check-ups.