Medical professionals are trained to battle with different ailments, thus they became familiar with all the images of victory, failure and views of logical reasoning along with the mind being separated from the body. Because of this, reasoning was said to be the passive look of health and health is the lack of something else if the disease is present. From that point of view, there is no wonder why medical health professionals are more prone to burnout, battling against bacteria, fungi, microbes and viruses to make their patients well and to keep them healthy all the time. The changing medical environment is now becoming more of the people and that is more likely to be the definition of health.

Treatment for acute ailments

It is a fact that modern medicine is absolutely becoming victorious in the treatment of even acute cases, but oftentimes in the treatment of ailments that are not severe in nature. There were records kept by a software company with more than 7M primary care providers in 2011 that showed that around 25 reasons why people still seeks for medical care were linked with the signs of chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, diabetes, back pain, obesity and anxiety. The patients typically came from the financial support of the health care providers and they were happy about the result of the treatment.

The influence of new studies

There are new studies made by survey sampling international that showed around 2/3 of the patients globally that felt disrespected by doctors. Oftentimes, communication barrier is the problem and the principal reason why patients are not satisfied with the treatment. Around ¼ of the patients around the world still complain about doctors not being able to answer their queries and they do not tell them the treatment and the decisions accordingly. They weren’t able to get the medical terms right and there are no explanations at all regarding their ailments. This might be the result of the doctors not being able to give ample time to their patients during the treatment.


Those factors alone may be grounds for patients to seek alternative medicines and treatments. There is a recent study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association that found out that majority of alternative medicine users are proud of their choice, merely because they find this alternative healthcare as more precise with their values, beliefs and philosophies towards the health and life of their patients. There were also reports that with holistic health orientation, there is a transformation of experience that changes the way people think of these health workers.  Regardless if you believe in naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and others, the fact still remains that more and more patients are seeking for such treatments and they are open to the fact that alternative solutions are available to help them with their issues about their health.