Reasons for developing a passion about health reformsAnticipating medical students in their fourth year of study often get to receive a match letter. This of course is done in front of a group of loving friends, family and classmates who’ve all been supporting them throughout their years of study. It’s without a doubt a spectacular sight as the hundreds of medical students respond to their placements.

It can’t go without notice though that the medical system is strict and also comprises of a hierarchal system. All this might be foreign to a bunch of medical students clearly over sighted by their joy after the formal introduction into the medical arena after receiving their match letters.

The systems of the medical world

Medical students are basically assigned according to the results generated by an algorithm in a computer. It then seems like the subsequent results for such talented minds would witness them being shipped off to what would for the time being appear to be an eternity of hard work. Other things such as internship, fellowship and board certification would be awaiting them as if the four years of constant studying and sleepless nights wasn’t enough.

The managing authorities in medicine console students by instilling a mindset that makes them believe that they are nothing other than scientists who like certainty. This is the same thinking that has them overlooking the strictness in the system. The reasoning behind it is quite sound. Its objective is obvious and straightforward in thinking. It states that by learning and studying in an environment where steps and rules are clear and publicly known by the students, the chances of them succeeding and being ready for the future becomes almost certain.

The uninteresting part of the medical world

It can be pointed out that very few medical students ever develop an interest for how the system works or how their payment system is controlled. This can be attributed by the fact that most of these students are biological students who want to save live and not get entangled in matters that are not of their educational concern.

The lack of passion about health reforms among medical students is becoming a concern as it comes at a very great cost. This is because a lot of them fail to notice that the success they long for in the industry is mainly reliant on how the specific regulations of the medical world are executed.

Another reason for the disinterest might be based on the fact that a lot of the medical minds rarely like getting challenged in the political field. They’d rather spend the vast knowledge they have in improving health care for their patients. It’s quite understandable to a certain scale though not to the point of ignoring the very reforms that’ll facilitate such a process. Something should definitely change if young doctors intend to succeed, starting with their mindset and followed by the effort they put to shape up health reforms which generally speaking, isn’t as much as the effort put when trying to become good doctors for the community.