The importance of breastfeeding

If all of the women will breastfeed their babies, there will be more than 800,000 fewer kids who will be at risk of death and more than 20,000 lesser cases of breast cancer deaths according to a report. This reduction rate among the death of kids is somehow alike to 13% of all of the deaths among kids younger than 2 years old. This is according to the study conducted in 2 parts. The researchers also said that the present practices in breastfeeding costs the entire world economy by hundreds to billions of dollars yearly.  There is a widespread wrong connotation that the advantages of breastfeeding are only linked to third world countries.

The task for the series just showed that breastfeeding can actually save lives and money in most countries, even the poor ones. This goes to show that the essence of dealing with the issue globally is much bigger than ever. There are only 5 kids in high earning nations were breastfed for a year according to a researcher. Only 1 in every 3 kids in low and in middle earning countries are exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months of their lives. That means that a lot of kids and women do not get the advantages of breastfeeding, which has been said to provide good health for both the babies and the mothers at the same time.

The benefits of breastfeeding to moms and kids

In a well detailed analysis globally, the researchers have discovered that there are numbers of advantages of breastfeeding to mothers and babies at the same time. For instance, breastfeeding can help in lowering the possibility of SID among newborn babies in high income earning nations by around 1/3.  There is also a study that says that breastfeeding can help in preventing the instances of diarrhea by ½ and 1/3 of the respiratory infections in low and in middle earning nations.  Breastfeeding can also help in boosting the intelligence of the kids and can secure them over obesity as well as diabetes later on in life. The researchers also said that some of the mothers who breastfed their kids can lower the risk of breast as well as ovarian cancer.

The researchers have estimated as well that the lack of thinking ability among kids who weren’t breastfed cost the global economy more than $300B in 2013 alone. The loss in high income nations alone was more than $231B according to a study. The increased rates of breastfeeding for babies that are younger than 6 months old are around 90% in the US, Brazil and China, while 45% of which is in UK. The rates can help in lowering the cost of treatment concerning common child ailments like diarrhea, asthma and pneumonia. It can help in saving the health care systems around $2.5B in the US alone, $29M in UK and $224M in China, while $6M for Brazil as stated in the study.