The relation of blood thinners with diabetes drugs and risks

Last Tuesday, December 8, 2015, the Healthday News Wrote an article about the possibility that some medicines for diabetes do not match with the blood thinners for those with hypertension at the same time or heart ailments. According to the news, taking the blood thinner called Warfarin along with some diabetes medicines boosts the risk of being hospitalized according to a new study. This serves as a warning to the people with diabetes and heart ailments at the same time and was given the said drug along with a diabetes drug. According to the researchers who have analyzed the details of the 466,000 patients on Medicare, they have discovered that those who are taking Warfarin with the diabetes drugs glipizide better known as sulfonylureas had a 22% risk of being taken to the ER or be hospitalized for hypoglycemia or low blood sugar levels.

What the study has to say

As the doctors give warning to the possible interaction between the drugs, there has been quite actual data according to a study made by a professor in California. Up to this day, no one had really studied the association between them according to the news that was released by the university. The risk was meant for men ages 65-74, this is according to the study published in December 7 by the BMJ journal. With the estimated 100,000 older Americans that were hospitalized yearly for medicine related issues, 40% of which were recorded because of the Warfarin reactions or because of the diabetes pills, according to a research.  Warfarin can truly deepen the effects of the diabetes drugs and that may cause the blood sugar levels to crash. The patients with low sugar levels in the blood might seem drunk, confused, and lightheaded and they are at a higher risk of falling, Romely added.

A communication may happen that has a clinical essence, so the providers must be cautious to be able to prevent the low blood sugar problem from taking place, in a study made by an author and a professor in a school of medicine, revealed in the recently released news. Oftentimes, this just mean that having a patient monitor the blood sugar levels more often, she said, there are still lots of ways to handle the problem if they are warned ahead of time.  There is no for a pharmacist to alter the instructions in the patients according to a researcher.  What it actually requires is for the pharmacists and the other clinicians to be more watchful when taking sulfonylurea daily along with Warfarin and when a patient is taking both with the other kinds of medicine. This is according to the study made by a professor in the School of Pharmacy and Gerontology according to the news.