Asthma is a chronic disease that is caused by the inflammation of the bronchial tubes. According to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 24.6 million Americans – or 7.8 percent of the population – suffer from asthma.

An asthma action plan is an essential tool for children and adults with asthma. Here we will explain what an asthma action plan is, and also why is it important.

What Is an Asthma Action Plan?

An asthma action plan offers clear-cut guidelines to the family members and caregivers of the asthma patient. The action plan contains information about what actions to take in case of asthma attack. Some of the information that is contained in the asthma action plan includes the following.

Contact Details

An emergency action plan contains contact details of persons who must be contacted in case of an emergency situation. The plan includes emergency phone numbers of doctors, support givers, parents, or any other individuals who can help in case of asthma attack.

Known Allergies

An asthma attack can occur due to different reasons. An asthma action plan contains known triggers of the asthma attack. Knowing about the triggers or allergies will help in avoiding an asthma attack. It will allow the teachers and caregivers to know about the personal triggers thereby preventing an asthma attack.


An asthma action plan also consists of a list of medications that must be taken daily by the individual. The action plan mentions the name of the medications that should be used to prevent an asthma attack. This helps the caregivers to know which medications to give to an individual in case of a serious asthma attack.

Why It’s Important to Prepare an Asthma Action Plan?

Crafting an asthma attack is well worth the effort. The fact is that around 3,000 individuals die every year due to asthma attacks in the US. The deaths caused due to asthma attack could have been prevented in case there was an asthma action plan.

An asthma action plan contains essential information that will prove invaluable in saving the life of a person. The action plan serves as a roadmap for caregivers that guide them in the direction of effective asthma management.

In case you or someone in your family suffers from asthma, writing down the asthma action plan is essential. Make sure that the action plan is kept in a visible place. Also, it’s important to give copies of the action plan to other adults who look after your children or senior parents. The action plan will allow the caregivers to know about what basic first aid to perform in case of an asthma attack.

Obtaining first aid certification will also prove helpful in assisting an asthma victim. Whether you are a teacher or a caregiver in a hospital, a basic first aid course will help you to more confidently assist asthma victims.