What the AAP can do?

The AAP has released a report pointing out the necessity for health providers, institutions to work along altogether and for families to also give an action program to handle taking care of the kids, especially those who are epileptic while they are in school. In the paper that was published last December, the AAP has noted that some of the kids and the teens with epilepsy have attended some of the schools outside of their homes.

The journal is a result of their effort in attending the pediatricians and the schools working on an advanced planning to make sure that the kids are all safe and the epileptic teens, this way they can still join in different school activities virtually to their complete prospective in a safe environment. The best instance is the one wherein the nurses of the school will work on an action plan for pupils suffering from epilepsy and this is based on the orders coming from the healthcare professionals.

Dealing with the issues

The problem is the fact that every kid and every school are different from one to the other and the local as well as the state regulations may differ at times. Some of the schools have nurses while the others merely depend on some volunteers to help when it comes to manning the school rooms, thus providing a rise to the liability queries. More so, while some of the kids suffering from seizures that are well controlled by the medicines, there is a part that will never be completed when it comes to controlling seizure. Because of this, the organization wants to make the doctors specialized in taking care of kids and the neurologists to be fully aware of the logistical as well as the legal concerns that may face when planning for the individual seizure programs.

Not all of the schools have nurses that are very much ready and available in the school facility to handle the needs of the kids. The legal liability for the medical treatment may also differ when it comes to the jurisdictions, so the seizure action plans are so essential to make the students participate safely in whatever programs the schools have to offer.  The action plan is meant for kids with prescriptions for seizure medicines. The drugs that must be taken are very much needed to avert the clusters of seizures or the seizures that may last longer than the normal. Some other considerations that must be considered in the plan includes the administering of a rescue medicine, how to handle the side effects and when is it time to call for an immediate help if the seizure will not stop.